10 common misconceptions busy women have about mindful gardening

Think you have to have hours of free time to get the most out of mindful gardening? Think again.  Believing that the practice requires you to be retired (or not work) is one of the more common myths. Misconceptions about mindful gardening not only hold seasoned gardeners back from developing a more mindful practice but they also prevent many busy women to rule themselves out before they’ve even tried it.

Let’s get to the truth, here are 10 mindful gardening myths you should stop believing right now.

It’s the same as regular gardening

Regular gardening absolutely helps you to feel calmer, but it does take quite a lot of time for you to reach the flow state, which is where you’ll begin to feel those waves of calm washing over you.  Mindful gardening allows you to collapse the timeline and get into the flow state quicker using the activities I teach women just like you.  This means that on the days when you only have 5 minutes you can still carve out that little piece of calm and headspace for yourself.

It won't work for me

I get it, you’ve tried all the wellbeing practices under the sun so why should this one work for you? Regular gardening alone has been proven to reduce your stress levels, but when combined with the mindfulness elements I teach the effects are more powerful in a shorter time frame. Plus, you’ll have me in your corner supporting you to develop a mindful gardening practice that works for your life rather than demanding you fit into a predefined schedule.  To guide you through the practices to ensure you get maximum well being benefit from them.

It will take time I just don’t have

I get it, sometimes eating lunch feels like a luxury, which is why I designed my mindful gardening techniques to fit into the busiest of lives. The activities I have developed start from just 5 minutes long.  If you’re struggling to see where you could fit mindful gardening into your busy life, how about cutting the instagram scrolling short by 5 minutes and make a commitment to doing something positive for your mental health instead. Or setting the alarm for 5 minutes earlier and taking that time for you to connect with yourself through Mother Nature.

Handful of seeds for mindful gardening

It involves meditation

The fact that I found it impossible to meditate is exactly why I created my mindful gardening activities in the first place.  So no, there’s no meditation involved, just healthy inquiry and taking time to stop and notice rather than running through life like a headless chicken.  There are elements of mindfulness included in each of the activities but these do not require you to ‘clear your brain’ or sit alone in a dark room.  You get to practice them in the soothing embrace of Mother Nature and invite your busy brain to start slowing down, which is what makes them so effective for the busy woman.

I can’t commit to it everyday

Lets not run before we can walk hey?  If you’re reading this you’re likely at the start of your mindful gardening journey.  I suggest starting with my free weekly newsletter The Seed and committing to finding 5 minutes a week to try the mindful gardening activities I share in it.  If the activities help you and you want to learn more of them and have my support to help you build a regular practice then you can book a call with me and we can chat about the best way for me to help you.

I don’t know enough about gardening

I am a bit sick of this ridiculous attitude that some gardeners on the interweb have, that in order to garden you need to know every single latin plan name and exactly when every plant in your garden should be pruned.  Gardening and mindful gardening especially are a process, no one is fully qualified (and who’s giving out the badges anyway?!).  I meet you where you’re at, so if you’ve never grown anything before just let me know and I can point you in the direction of some resources to get you started.  

Nigella flowers and seed pods collapsed over on to the gravel in the rain

It's only for old people

You calling me old?  I’m not even middle aged yet!  No but seriously, I am on a mission to make mindful gardening accessible to all because I wholeheartedly believe in the transformational power of it.  Case in point, it took me from a quivering wreck who hardly recognised herself to a woman who is more connected with who she is, who is infinitely more confident in her own skin and abilities than she was before mindful gardening came into her world.

I don’t have a big garden

When many of us think of gardening we think of having to tend to a huge green space, when in actual fact a garden can be a pot outside a front door.  There are some who would disagree with me (and have) but fuck ‘em I believe what I believe.  Even creating a window garden of different herbs that you can use in your mindful gardening activities allows you to harness the healing power of Mother Nature.  You tell me what you’re working with and i’ll help you create a garden that nourishes your soul and elevates your wellbeing to another level.

I don't have the right equipment to get started

All you need is a patch of ground or a container filled with compost and you can get going.  Sure there are things that would make your life easier like there are in all areas of life but these things don’t have to cost the earth. You can watch my IGTV of Gardening equipment to get you started here and there are some things you can use that you’ll find in your recycling bin so gardening doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Screenshot of IGTV video featuring Kendall Platt the mindful gardening coach

It means a total lifestyle change

Do you think i’d be doing it if it meant I had to turn my whole life on its head?  I admire all these people who talk about slow living, journaling or meditating as soon as they wake up. But my reality of life with a rambunctious 3 years old, a job, a house to run and a (sort of) social life means I just can’t make it work for me.  So I had to find something that allowed me to feel more like myself and less like I was going through the motions everyday with no end in sight.  And that for me has been mindful gardening, small pockets of calm throughout my day as and when I can grab them.

All it takes is a commitment to yourself to turn the dial just a notch to the left for 5 minutes a day, get out in your green space (whatever that looks like) and take a mindful moment.

To get started join my free mindful gardening email community The Seed and let’s get you not only surviving but thriving.

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