10 reasons to join The Mindful Gardening Club

You'd like to grow your own food and flowers to benefit your health and wellbeing but you don't know where to start with gardening for mindfulness and you haven't got time to spend figuring it out.

Investing in an online course or membership can be the quickest way to get up to speed.  But joining a membership community is a big decision.

With that in mind, here’s 10 reasons to join The Mindful Gardening Club.

1. You’ll get tried and tested mindful gardening activities that actually get the results you want

Here’s a selection of feedback from our members….

“Before I joined the membership I struggled to switch off my running mind. However since I started working with Kendall I have learnt how to use gardening to give myself something else to focus on and help my mind to calm”. - Suzanne Winter (Forensic scientist)

“Before I joined the membership I wasn’t enjoying my garden. I was uninspired, anxious and I didn’t know where to start. But since I've started working with Kendall I have started to look forward to spending time in my garden. For the first time I grew vegetables from seeds and felt confident enough to redesign our front garden”- Zoe Hunter (Analyst)

2. You’ll get everything you need in one place (in the right order)

There’s tons of free content online (including in the Resources section on my website) but searching for it - and identifying reliable sources - takes time that you don't have. 

Join a community like The Mindful Gardening Club and you’ll get everything you need in one place, with all the steps you need to take, in exactly the right order. 

Spring blush mangetout seedlings poking up out of the soil in root trainers

3. You can learn at your own pace

Join The Mindful Gardening Club and you’ll be sent a pre-recorded gardening for wellbeing activity to focus on each month to help you start creating the wellbeing garden of your dreams.

This means you can try out the activity when it’s convenient for you and fit it around your work and life.

You’ll have access to the pre-recorded training videos in our dedicated community group as well as new training videos as they are added throughout the growing season.  You’ll be able to discuss them with me and the other members of our community and ask for advice on your plants and garden.

4. You’ll learn mindful gardening techniques (from someone who actually uses them daily)

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be gardening experts and plenty of them extol the benefits of gardening for your mental health.  But no one else is actually teaching techniques that incorporate mindfulness and gardening online.

I’ve spent the last 8 years using these techniques to help me manage my anxiety and panic attacks, enabling myself to be more mentally healthy and better equipped to deal that the shit life throws at me (as it does at us all!). 

So i’ll teach you these mindful gardening methods that actually get you results, so you don't waste time growing veg, fruit, flowers and herbs that aren't suited to your garden and cause you to give up one of the single best things you can do for your mental wellbeing right now.

5. You’ll learn the best way to set out your veg/ fruit patch, flower border or herb garden

Not sure how to plan out your growing area or what plants will compliment each other?

You’ll learn how close you can plant different plants, how to make your border look visually pleasing and how to maximise fruit and veg production.

Incorporating elements of wellbeing garden design Part 1 of my Signature gardening and floristry for wellbeing course, Planning your Mindful Garden will have you confidently designing your growing areas for years to come.

PLUS you'll get worksheets to help you plan your space quickly and easily.

Vegetable kitchen garden bed with wooden edges growing carrots, lettuce, beetroot and spring onion in it

6. You'll learn how to grow and care for your plants and yourself throughout the growing season

Each module in my Signature Gardening and Floristry for Wellbeing course will be delivered to you at the stage in the growing season that you actually need it, so you wont feel overwhelmed and overloaded with information.

I'll be sharing my methods on how to sow your seeds for the greatest wellbeing benefits, how to grow them on into plants and when and how much to feed and water your plants for maximum flower or food production.

PLUS how to do all this while keeping your growing space and yourself healthy.

7. You'll learn how to harvest your food and flowers and use them in stunning floral creations to bring the outdoors in with you

Once the growing season really gets going you'll have more food and flowers than you'll know what to do with and as much as you'd like to spend all your time outdoors life doesn't always allow for that. 

I'll teach you how to harness your creativity as you mindfully craft stunning arrangements with your homegrown flowers to bring indoors and brighten your desk as you work, or your kitchen as you share a homegrown meal with friends and family.

When you join The Mindful Gardening Club you'll get personal support from me - both on our live coaching sessions and in our private community group.

8. You’ll get personal support from me

Join The Club and you won’t be left to your own devices. I’ll be in our supportive private community throughout the growing season to offer advice, inspiration and guidance. You’ll also get the opportunity to attend a live coaching session with me each month, where you can get your specific gardening, floristry and wellbeing questions answered and get personal feedback on your garden plans and plants.

9. You’ll get to learn all of this and connect with like-minded women

Learning with others in the same situation as you is good for you. Not only will you learn new skills, you’ll also meet people you may want to connect with, get support from and make new friends with. 

Gardening in your own garden can be lonely, especially given the temptation to compare your growing space to others on Instagram. So The Mindful Gardening Club offers you something different.

A chance to connect and grow along together on our seasonal grow along sessions, to share your successes and failures in a non-judgemental community where we can celebrate, commiserate and support you to try again.

10. You’ll get help implementing what you’ve learned

One of the frustrating things about online courses can be the lack of follow-up support.

That’s why I offer the live coaching sessions for Mindful Gardening Club members where you can check in with me and ask any questions you have.

The community group will be your space to go for the duration of your membership so you can remain part of our gang and access our mindful gardening support network.

PLUS there's our seasonal grow along sessions to actually get you out and gardening along with us.

Interested? You can find out more and become a member here.

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