10 reasons to subscribe to Mind in Bloom Box

If you’d like to get started growing a garden to benefit your mental health and find some headspace but you don’t have the budget to work with me 1 to 1, there’s no reason why you can’t do it yourself.  But if you don’t have much experience of gardening let alone mindful gardening it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Investing in an online course or subscription can be the quickest way to get up to speed.  But joining a subscription box community is a big decision.

With that in mind, here’s 10 reasons to subscribe to Mind in Bloom Box.

1. You’ll get a tried and tested subscription that definitely gets results

Here’s a selection of feedback from our subscribers….

2. You’ll get everything you need in one place (in the right order)

There’s tons of free content online (including on my own blog and YouTube channel) but searching for it - and identifying reliable sources - takes time. Invest in a subscription box like Mind in Bloom Box and you’ll get everything you need in one place, with all the steps you need to take, in exactly the right order. PLUS you’ll receive your monthly mindful gardening activity in the post each month.

3. You can learn at your own pace

Subscribe to Mind in Bloom Box and you’ll be sent one mindful gardening activity to complete each month . This means you can do it when it’s convenient and fit it around your work and life. You’ll have access to the pre-recorded and live training videos in our dedicated Facebook group as well as new training videos as they are added throughout the growing season.  You’ll be able to discuss them with me and the other subscribers in our dedicated Facebook group and ask for advice on your plants and garden.

Your Mind in Bloom Box will be delivered to you around the 7th of each month and depending on the contents the mindful gardening activity within can be  undertaken at any time during the month.

4. You’ll learn mindful gardening techniques (from someone who actually uses them daily)

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be gardening experts and plenty of them extol the benefits of gardening for your mental health.  But no one else is actually teaching techniques that incorporate mindfulness and gardening online.  I’ve spent the last 6 years using these techniques to help me manage my anxiety and panic attacks, enabling myself to be more mentally healthy and better equipped to deal that the shit life throws at me (as it does at us all!).  So i’ll teach you these mindful gardening methods that actually get you results, so you don't waste time growing veg, fruit, flowers and herbs that aren't suited to your garden and cause you to give up one of the single best things you can do for your mental health right now.

5. You’ll learn the best way to set out your veg/ fruit patch, flower border or herb garden

Not sure how to plan out your growing area or what plants will compliment each other? You’ll learn how close you can plant different plants, how to make your border look visually pleasing and how to maximise fruit and veg production. And you'll get cheat sheets and templates to help you plan your space fast. 

You’ll also learn tips and tricks about when and how much to feed and water your plants for maximum flower or food production.

No need for a garden centre trip, it’s all delivered straight to you and ready to plant.

6. Your Mind in Bloom Box contains everything you need to grow for that month’s activity

No need to spend ages agonising over what to buy at the garden centre, your Mind in Bloom Box contains everything you need to grow that month’s plants.  Plus your seeds, bulbs or plants have been specially selected to be ready to grow as soon as you receive them.  This takes the overthinking out of the process for you and allows you to just focus on the relaxation benefits of growing your own.

If you subscribe to Mind in Bloom Box you'll get personal support from me - both on our live Q&A’s and in our private Facebook group.

7. You’ll get personal support from me

Subscribe to Mind in Bloom Box and you won’t be left to your own devices. I’ll be in the private Facebook group every single day answering your questions. You’ll also get the opportunity to attend two live Q & A’s each month with me and the other subscribers, where you can ask questions and get personal feedback on your garden plans and plants.

8. You’ll get honest feedback

I’m nothing if not honest. If your ideas are going to make it harder for your garden to provide you with the headspace and calm that you need - or I think you’re spending time on something that won’t get you results - I’ll tell you straight, so you don’t waste precious time and energy.

9. You’ll get to learn all of this and more with like-minded people

Learning with like-minded people is good for you. Not only will you learn new skills, you’ll also meet people you may want to connect with, get support from and make new friends with.

10. You’ll get help implementing what you’ve learned

One of the frustrating things about online courses and subscription boxes can be the lack of follow-up support. That’s why I offer the live Q&A’s for Mind in Bloom Box subscribers where you can check in with me and ask any questions you have. The Facebook group will also remain open to you for the duration of your subscription so you can remain part of the community and access our mindful gardening support network.

Interested? You can find out more and subscribe here.

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