5 reasons why you should attend an Adventures with Flowers workshop

1.  No matter how stressed or anxious you feel at the beginning of the workshop, you will learn techniques to allow you to feel calm and less overwhelmed by the end.

Smiling dark haired woman sitting in om yoga position in front of a flower border filled with dahlias

2. The workshops are a chance for 2.5 hours of uninterrupted time doing something for yourself. Yes you can have a hot cup of tea in peace :)

Hot cup of tea in a white cup and saucer surrounded by pale pink roses and a pair of vintage flower snips or scissors

3. You will learn about which plants are good for your wellbeing and how you can utilise them to harness calm when you are feeling overwhelmed at home.

Purple butterfly lavender plants en masse

4. You will learn a new skill, whether that is how to take better photos, how to make your own everlasting wreath or how to design and plant your own sensory garden.

Bunch of spring flowers wrapped with velvet ribbon and that forms a heart shape on the background and a pair of vintage flower snips

5. You'll have a gorgeous creation to take home with you- be that stunning photos, a wreath to adorn your wall or door or your very own sensory garden to help you to tap in to that feeling of calm even on the toughest of days.

Container filled with sensory plants, some spiky, some smooth, some colourful.

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Adventures with flowers apron, secateurs and gloves

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