5 reasons why you should work with me rather than a garden designer

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Your garden’s a bloody state and you really want to turn it into a space you can enjoy.  Whilst it may be tempting to shell out a small fortune (average costs between £5k-10k) to have someone design and plant it for you here’s 5 reasons why working with me will bring you more joy and will be better for your wellbeing.

Your garden will better reflect your personality

I truly believe that a garden is a reflection of the person creating it.  Whilst a garden designer may take into account what you want to use your garden for, what feel you want it to have and what plants you’d like to see.  It will always reflect their style more than the fabulously unique one inside of you.

The way we’ll work together helps to draw out your own style and provides the techniques and support to help you create something that's truly you.  That gives you that feeling of pulling on a soft cashmere jumper or your favourite pair of jeans as you walk out into it.  So that everytime you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or just a bit shit, your garden gives you a hug like nothing a designer would ever be able to create for you.

You’ll feel an increased sense of pride in your garden if you’ve created it

Holy shit!  The fizz of excitement when you see that first little green shoot push its way up out of the soil from a seed that you sowed with your own bare hands.  Even after 8 years or gardening I still get that rush.  This warm tingle of pride is nigh on impossible to experience in a garden that has been created by someone else. It's even more pronounced when you’ve been struggling on your own to try and get seeds to germinate and then with my help and tips you crack it.  I’ll get the champagne darling!

Eating your homegrown vegetables and spying a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from the garden is one of the best feelings ever.

homegrown flowers foxgloves, peonies and viburnum opulus in a vase on the table

Achieving this for yourself will boost your confidence and belief in yourself through the roof.  And I’m gonna be right beside you as your biggest cheerleader.

You’ll learn my bespoke mindful gardening techniques

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to the ‘best way’ to grow things and it can be confusing and quite frankly overwhelming. TV shows, books, magazines, people online all telling you how it should be done and you end up feeling so confused that you don’t do anything.

Over the last 8 years I have done a TON of research and training.  Discovered things that worked and things that didn't, methods for helping me switch off and methods that really didn't. And I've distilled them all down into the four pillars of my mindful gardening coaching: Plan, Sow, Grow and Harvest.  This is a completely unique programme only available to my clients. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

Kendall Platt The mindful gardening coach

Of course there is always an element of trial and error with gardening.  Mother Nature is a strong and beautiful force.  So if things don’t work out the first time, we’ll try again a different way until we find your way together.  I got you boo!

You get the relaxation benefits of creating your own garden

20 minutes a day in a green space such as your garden reduces your stress hormone levels by 10%.  By having someone else creating your garden for you you’re doing yourself out of prime opportunity to relax.  Yes it will be ‘done’ quicker but gardening and especially mindful gardening is about the journey not the destination.  Getting your hands in the soil, connecting with nature and sowing seeds or planting plants really allows your busy mind to switch off and focus on the activity you are doing.  You’ll find that headspace that you’ve been craving and no amount of yoga or hot baths can help you achieve.

Plus when you relax in your garden with a cuppa, have friends round for a barbecue and some cocktails or you see the kids hunting for bugs amongst the plants that YOU planted, it will feel all the sweeter.

You’ll have a bespoke mindful gardening plan going forwards

After working with me for a full year we’ll have planned your garden in winter, sown seeds in spring, grown on your plants in summer and harvested your crops in autumn. 

homegrown green blueberries waiting to ripen on the plant

As we mindfully create your garden together we will be putting together a plan that is completely unique to your garden. This means that once we have finished working together you are going to feel confident in not only how to prune your fruit trees but also when to prune them, when to feed them, how much to water them and crucially when to harvest their fruit or plant a second tree that you ordered because you couldn't get enough of their delicious bounty. You’ll be confident in growing your garden to benefit your mind.

To discuss working with me 1 to 1 so we can plan, sow, grow and harvest your mindful garden together book an enquiry call for my ‘How to create a mindful garden: 6 weeks from garden chaos to garden calm’ now.

Book a free garden audit now and see if we're a match in mindful gardening heaven

 5 reasons why you should work with me rather than a garden designer

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