5 tips for cutting and conditioning your home grown flowers


Here are my five top tips for cutting and conditioning your homegrown flowers.

So first things first, tip number one is timing.

So you want to cut your flowers either in the early morning before the sun gets up or in the late afternoon/ evening. But basically once the heat's gone out of the day.

The second tip is clean buckets, and when I say clean, I mean like you want to eat your dinner off them clean! Just take your bucket and a scourer and scrub it to within an inch of its life. Use bleach if you have to because if you've got any bits of gunk in there, the minute the flower sucks the water up, the gunk will go up into the stem of the flower, block it, and the flower's going to die really quickly.

Tip number three is to use clean, tepid water. So in the summer, I just use water straight out of the tap because it's quite warm. But obviously in the winter time, water straight from the tap is really, really cold. So make sure you mix a bit of warm water in to the bucket so the flowers don't get a shock. 

Tip four is to cut your stems at a 45 degree angle.  This is so if the base of the flower stem sat on the bottom of the bucket or the vase, the water can still get up inside it.

The last tip, number five is to strip all of the lower leaves off the stem before they go into the bucket for a nice long, cool drink.  The minimum time i'd leave them for would be 2 hours the maximum would be overnight in a cool place.

Once they've had their drink, it's time to get arranging.

Check out my blog post on making a garden gathered arrangement here.

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