5 top tips to help you mindfully garden in winter even when its cold

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Mindful gardening can be practiced all year round to help you find calm and headspace. Yes even in Winter. You might be worried that it’s too cold to get outdoors and connect with Mother Nature right now. But the cold can actually be invigorating when you follow my 5 top tips for staying warm in your garden even when it’s freezing.

Wrap up warm

And I mean ALLLLLLL the layers. Hat, scarf, gloves, warm coat, extra jumper. If you can keep your core body temperature high then your fingers and toes are less likely to feel the cold. Wellies are great for mud but not so good for heat, so either put a pair of thick socks over your normal socks or swap them out for some walking boots to keep your feet warmer.

Time saving tip: If you’re short on time lay all your layers out first thing in the morning so you’re ready to grab and go at lunchtime.


Take a hot drink outside with you

Not only will this help keep your core body temperature up but it will also warm your hands too. To keep it warmer for longer make your hot drink in a thermos flask with a lid.  This will also prevent errant soil from finding its way into your drink (happens every time!) 

Mindful tip: As you pause your mindful gardening activity to take a sip, notice what you can see growing around you in your garden. Focus on the feeling of the liquid warming you from the inside.

Know what you’re going to do before you get outside

It’s cold out there so you don’t want to waste any time standing around trying to decide what you are going to do. Decide at the start of the week how much time you have available, even if that’s just 5 minutes a day and write down what you plan to do each day.  This takes the thinking and indecision out of it and the fact that it's written down means it's more likely to happen! That way when your garden time comes you can head straight outside, exhale all of the mornings stress and frustration out, pick up your tools and get straight on with gardening to help you find headspace.

Do something active

When it's cold outside it's a good idea to choose an active mindful gardening task for your daily garden time. This will keep the blood pumping and raise your core temperature so you are less likely to feel the cold. Some examples of some active mindful gardening tasks to do in Winter are planting tulip bulbs, shovelling compost or horse manure onto your beds and borders, pruning back perennials and clearing spent plant material from borders.

Mindful tip: As you do these activities engage your senses and focus on what you can see, hear, touch and smell (although you might want to give the smell a miss when you're shovelling horse manure!)


Come back inside to a warm lunch

Something like a jacket potato or a bowl of soup is ideal.  Your body will know there is something warm coming whilst you are outdoors giving your busy brain a rest. By eating something warm when you come back indoors your body temperature will rise and any chilliness you felt in your body will melt away to leave you feeling refreshed, calm and content.

Mindful tip: As you eat your lunch notice the sensation of warmth flooding through your body.

If you’re ready to get gardening to switch off and find calm even in Winter and you’d like some more mindful gardening activities to try; then download my free guide ‘11 mindful gardening activities to help you switch off’ here.



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