7 reasons to buy the Mindful Gardening Planner

The Mindful Gardening Planner is the UK’s only gardening planner that gives you month by month mindful gardening activities AND helps you to actually fit them into your day to day life.

Designed to help busy women just like you to harness the benefits of gardening and food growing for health and wellbeing and feel calmer and happier as a result.

If you’re wondering how exactly it can help you then here are 7 reasons to help you make up your mind.

Quiet your mind quickly through mindful gardening

Studies have shown that gardening relieves stress and anxiety and helps those who practice it to feel an increased sense of wellbeing.  One of the ways that gardening works its magic is by helping your mind to quieten as you garden.  But you’re busy and often finding 5 minute for yourself to garden feels like an insurmountable challenge.   

The Mindful Gardening Planner includes my complete mindful gardening method to help your mind to quieten quicker so that you can get gardening for mindfulness and improved wellbeing in the small amounts of time you have available to you.

The Mindful Gardening Planner Posy, Dark green background with a posy of flowers and butterflies on it

It takes the thinking out of it for you

You’ve heard about the benefits of gardening and really want to start gardening for wellness. BUT you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm and you don’t have the brain power or inclination to wade through a tonne of gardening books or websites to see what to do in the garden each and every month.

Well there’s no need as I’ve done it all for you. The Mindful Gardening Planner takes you step by step through the months of the year, telling you what to do in your garden and when so that both you and your garden are thriving and healthy.

You simply decide how much time you have that day to spend in the garden (5, 20 or 60 minutes), head to the month you are in and select an appropriate mindful gardening activity. It helps you to stop procrastinating and means you actually get started in the garden.

Feel more in control of life and your garden

There are so many things in life we can’t control.  The planner gives you daily space to unload your busy brain and organise everything into the time you have available to you.  The method in the planner encourages you to plan your mindful gardening activities for the week, so you can see when you can fit them in and look forward to that time for you.

It will support you to find time to garden daily with tools to help you plan your day to make sure you get that time for you in the garden everyday, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

By getting everything out of your brain and into your planner and taking some action to organise said information helps you to feel more in control and less like a headless chicken.

The Mindful Gardening Planner Magnolias, purple background with white line drawn magnolia flowers on it

It helps you to connect with how you’re feeling

Life is busy, but for many of us that busyness is a means of escaping how we are feeling.  If we keep busy we can avoid dealing with the difficult feelings that come up when we slow down.  This is only sustainable for so long,  And before you know it you’ll be a burnt out mess wishing you’d listened to your mind and body before it reached crisis point.

The planner encourages you to slow down and notice how you are feeling both before and after you garden so you can see which activities work for you.  It is a gentle introduction into self enquiry which until now may have been non-existent for you. 

Helps you stay on track with your self-care goals

How many self care goals have you set and then not stuck to in the last few years?

Before I found mindful gardening, mine was ALOT.  I’d be constantly picking up the latest fad wellness trend only to give it up a month later. But i’ll be honest, i’m just as excited as you are to now actually have a tool to help me reset when I miss a few days or weeks.

The Mindful Gardening Planner is different.  Weekly planning and monthly reviews means that there is a chance to reset when life gets in the way, meaning that this won’t be another thing you start with gusto that tails off when life gets busy.

Encourages you to view the year ahead with hope

When you’re having a shitty day a little bit of hope can be just what you need. When life isn’t going to plan, the kids are screaming at you, you feel like washing is taking over your house or you’ve just received the shittiest email from a client.

The Mindful Gardening Planner supports you to get out in the garden and sow some seeds or plant some bulbs filled with hope for the growing season ahead.

This very act of nestling something into the soil and waiting patiently to see what it might become reminds that lighter and brighter days are coming and that tomorrow is a new day full of hope and possibility.

The Mindful Gardening Planner Seeds, green, pink and white print pattern that looks like seeds

It helps you feel part of something

Life can be lonely, especially if you are growing alone in your back garden or your fellow allotment holders have zero in common with you.

Mindful Gardening Planner owners are all busy women just like you who want gardening to form part of their self care routine but dont have the time to figure out how to do it.  The planner does all of that for you as well as provide you with a ready made network of fellow planner owners to support and champion you throughout the growing season.

Come and join us by ordering your Mindful Gardening planner today.

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