7 unique self care gifts to add to your Christmas list as a busy woman

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As busy women we are often rushing around taking care of everyone else and we rarely stop and take time for ourselves.  This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Here are 7 unique gifts to add to your Christmas list to support you to practice moments of self care on a daily basis.

Wake up light alarm clock, (£99)

At this time of year we find ourselves starting and finishing work in the dark which can lead to feelings of low mood or even suffering sysmptoms of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) known as the ‘winter blues’.  

We try to get outside on our lunch break just to feel some sun on our faces but if it’s chucking it down or we are super busy this can often go by the wayside.  

And don’t even get me started on the alarm going off in what feels like the middle of the night because it's so dark!

A Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 will wake you up gently by mimicking a sunrise, resulting in improved mood both first thing and throughout the day.  It also has a bed time function for use in the evening to help you wind down for a restful night's sleep. And who doesn’t feel better when they’ve had a full 8 hours?

Kokoon headphones (£314.99)

Sleep is something that many of us struggle with. If we live in a town we are often woken by the sound of an ambulance shooting past our window, or for some the silence of the countryside can be deafening.

These innovative noise cancelling headphones connect you to meditations and calming sleep-inducing soundtracks to help encourage a restful night in the land of nod.  Plus there’s no need to worry about waking up to turn them off. They actually sense when you fall asleep and stop the track for you.

They learn your sleep patterns and what helps you get back to sleep to customize your experience. And their ventilated ear cups mould to the shape of your head so you’re comfortable while you are snoozing.

They are a must have for you if you struggle to sleep, have a snoring bed fellow or noisy neighbours.

Tea subscription (from £20)

The humble cuppa. Is there anything better?  Perhaps getting to drink it uninterrupted whilst it's still hot and not having to share your choccie biccie with a snotty nosed 2 year old?

A girl can dream right? 😉

Well a tea subscription from Dragon and Rose is a great place to start. 3 different teas delivered to you each month with a mindfulness quote paired with each tea to create a moment of calm in your day. 

Perhaps you could enjoy one first thing as a positive start to your day or sip one at lunchtime to give you an energy boost for the afternoon.

Papier journal (£24.99)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I love this wellness planner by Papier. Maybe it's because mine was gifted to me by a dear friend. Or maybe it's because it makes taking 10 minutes to focus on yourself and what YOU want out of life so damn easy and enjoyable.

Plus it comes in a whole host of different covers and even has sections for you to create wish lists of places you want to visit, books you want to read, experiences you want to have.

Realistically how often as women do we ask ourselves what we want? Well this journal gives you a gentle nudge to do just that.


Self love cards (£13.69)

When was the last time you celebrated yourself?  Gave yourself a pat on the back and proudly said ‘ I did that’.

It can be all too easy on the hamster wheel of life to be on to the next thing on the to do list before we’ve even taken 5 minutes to acknowledge our achievement.

We tend to focus on the things we have not done which leaves us feeling like we never achieve anything and impacts our confidence and self belief.

These Crazy Sexy Love Notes are a small reminder to celebrate yourself. Choose one a day to give you a positive focus about yourself for the day.  Notice how your internal dialogue towards yourself changes after a couple of weeks of use.

Happiful magazine subscription (£48) and a Saturday morning to read it when it arrives (priceless)

Magazine subscriptions are such a treat if you actually get to read them.  I used to subscribe to a lot of different magazines but they would often sit there unread just looking at me and making me feel bad.

So the crucial bit of this gift is that you set aside time every month to read your magazine.  It might be that your partner takes the kids to Saturday morning swimming while you enjoy a couple of hours peace with your magazine.  You don’t use the time to do some washing, change the bedding, cook dinner etc

When we feel like there is so much to do we often struggle to give ourselves permission to take time for ourselves, but you deserve it, you really do.

Mind in Bloom gift experience (from £24.99)

A big reason many of us struggle to take time for ourselves is that when we do stop our brains find it hard to switch off.

Mindful gardening is a perfect solution to calm your ever-running brain.  A simple gardening task designed to focus your senses and keep your brain active but not so much that it becomes stressed provides a perfect environment for our brains to quiet and focus on the activity in question.

This type of active rest leaves us feeling refreshed, re-energised and calmer.

Practiced for 20 minutes daily research shows a reduction of 10% in stress hormone levels and mindful gardeners reported feeling confident and more joyful.

To receive a monthly mindful gardening activity in the post, support from me and additional mindful gardening ideas in the private Mind in Bloom community. Head to this link and send it to your Sister/ Mum/ Partner now with a request to find one under the Christmas tree this year.

Please note: This blog article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small percentage of the cost of the item if you were to buy some of the items mentioned in the article.

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