9 unique mindful gardening gifts to give this Christmas

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You’ve been scouting the internet for the perfect festive gift for the new gardener in your life, but nothing you’ve seen so far is as special as they are. Here I've curated 9 of the most unique gifts that will help them get maximum enjoyment and relaxation benefits out of their time in the garden.

Gardeners hand cream (from £20.50)

A simple way to get started with mindful gardening is by engaging your senses. This often means getting hands in the soil to really feel that connection with nature.  As a result the mindful gardener’s hands will be pretty grubby and will need lots of washing.  Couple that with colder temperatures as we head into winter and the gardner in your life has got a prime recipe for chapped hands.  The absolute best hand cream out there to ensure their hands are soft, smooth and crack free is Gardeners Hand cream by Crabtree and Evelyn.  

All the tools a mindful gardener could need (from £35)

This little treasure trove of stunning tools has been specially created with the new mindful gardener in mind to set them up for success.  A wooden handled trowel and secateurs to appeal to their sense of touch and encourage them to be present in the moment as they dig into the soft dark soil or cut back an overgrown rose bush. Slate plant markers that can be cleaned and reused year after year to lessen the gardeners impact on the environment. A soapstone pencil for labelling the slate markers and a permanent pen to use on sticks to make more natural plant markers. All packaged in a stylish gift box that can be delivered straight to the recipient.

The most stylish garden footwear around (from £65)

What better way for your loved one to show off all their mindful garden treasures than to wear them on their feet?  Sister duo Vanessa and Justine combined their backgrounds in fashion and customer service and their love of gardening to create chic gardening footwear that can be ‘floralised’. Poddy and Black’s unique shoes and wellies each have a special loop which will hold stems of the lucky recipient's favourite flower as they go about their mindful gardening activities.  I’ve got the Half cut in English rose on my list for Santa.

A Christmas Card they can plant (from £4)

Maybe you don’t send presents to the gardener in your life but you would like to send them an extra special card this year.  These cards from Loop Loop have quirky designs on the front (I think the Christmas crab is my favourite). But the absolute best thing about them is that they can be planted in the spring and will grow into a beautiful patch of wildflowers that will continue to flower every year.  If you want to win the best Christmas card of the year competition you need one of these!

A subscription to Mindful gardening magazine (from £7.77)

There’s nothing us mindful gardeners enjoy more than tucking up with a cup of something warm and a good magazine to contemplate the growing season ahead.  Especially during the colder months when mindful activities to do in the garden are lower in number and our usual places to go for inspiration are having a well earned rest.  Leafing through those dreamy pages packed full with brightly coloured gardens allows us to dream of what we’ll plant, what we’ll harvest and what we’ll try and grow for the first time.  

A National Garden Gift Voucher (from £10)

Plant choice in a garden is so personal.  What one person adores the next person really doesn’t!  And then there’s the issue of what plants would suit the garden of the person receiving the gift.  A much safer option, and one that will fill them with utter glee is to treat them to a national garden scheme voucher.  These are accepted and sold in most garden centres in the UK and will allow the recipient to choose something that really fills their heart with joy.

Travel mug with a lid (from £12)

Its almost the law that you have to have a cup of tea whilst gardening.  But guess what soil plus an open topped cup does not a tasty cup of tea make.  Your gardening buddy will love you forever if you treat them to a cup with a lid to keep the pesky compost out of their brew.

This ceramic beauty from Paperchase is ideal if they prefer a traditional style cup. Or if they want it to stay warmer for longer as well as offer soil protection then you can't go far wrong with this stylish cup from John lewis and Orla Kiely.

Mind in Bloom Gift experience (from £24.99)

Does your loved one deserve some time to themselves? (Clue the answer is yes!) This completely unique gift experience will teach them how to grow their own cut flowers as a way to relax.  A Mind in Bloom gift experience uses elements of mindfulness and gardening to help them find headspace.  An added bonus is the connection the experience fosters between the two of you.  Giftees often share photos of the flowers they have grown with the gifter long after the present was given.  Or why not buy an experience for each other and grow along together? Available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month options with free UK shipping.


Wellness journal (from £24.99)

Mindful gardening is a powerful tool in a wellbeing toolkit. It can afford the mindful gardener the headspace to process emotions and tough situations they may be experiencing.  The perfect companion to a mindful gardening practice is this gorgeous wellbeing journal from Papier.  With space to set intentions for the day, reflect on mindful goals, feelings that come up while gardening and practice gratitude.  There are lots of cover designs to choose from and it can even be personalised with the gift recipient’s name.

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for the new mindful gardener in your life. You can find more gardening gift ideas here.


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