Calendula: Taste, tea and treats

Not only are calendula flowers wonderful for including in bouquets of flowers, their petals are also edible!

Here's a round up of 5 tasty ideas of how you can use them.

Calendula tea

 If you've got a sore tummy or a sore throat then have a go at making some calendula tea using this recipe by The Nerdy Farm Wife.  Whether swallowed or gargled it reduces inflammation.

Calendula beauty bars

If you fancy a healthy sweet treat with a bit of a zing then you cant go too far wrong with these delicious raw calendula beauty bars.  Something tasty and good for you, it can't be true can it?

Salad topper

Just pluck the raw petals from the plant, give them a rinse under the tap and sprinkle away!

Floral ice cubes

Sometimes its just easier to show you!  Here's a 20 second video showing you how to make floral ice cubes.

Calendula butter

Why not try making your own butter as described in this recipe by Pythouse Kitchen Garden.  They are one of my absolutely favourite restaurants and they even have a pick your own cut flower garden!

Calendula was one of the flowers of the month that Mind in Bloom box subscribers learnt how to grow in August as a way to improve wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety in their busy lives.  If this sounds like something you might enjoy you can find out more by clicking here.




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