Do you really need to join Mind in Bloom?

Of course you don't need to join Mind in Bloom but you probably want to have more energy, feel calmer and be supported while you learn to garden in a way that helps you quiet your busy brain and improve your wellbeing. Here are 5 reasons why you might benefit hugely from joining.

Better sleep

Are you struggling to drift off at night as your brain is whirring with all the things on your to-do list? Or perhaps you collapse into bed at night but wake at 3am and the merry go round in your head starts.

Both myself and my clients have seen an improvement in our sleep when gardening daily and a study recently conducted with the support of the Royal Horticultural society cites improved sleep as one of the benefits of daily gardening.

Daily mindful gardening combined with the techniques I teach in Mind in Bloom to help you empty your mind at the end of the day, are very effective at helping you to fall asleep quicker and actually stay asleep until your morning alarm.

Feel calmer

Mindful gardening helps you to reduce stress and anxiety levels with some clients reporting being able to reduce their anti-anxiety medicine as a direct result of joining Mind in Bloom. 

But don't just take my word for it.

A recent study found that gardening daily reduced your stress levels by 4.2% and that is without the mindful element.  Mindfulness is known to reduce stress levels in those who practice it so by combining the two together the effect is profound.

As a Mind in Bloom member you will be supported to create a daily mindful gardening practice that fits into your busy life and doesn’t require you to change your whole lifestyle.

Graph that shows the positive effects of daily gardening on wellbeing
Graph that shows the positive effects of daily gardening on wellbeing

Supportive sisterhood of women

Life is full on, I know that. And sometimes you need a little nudge to remember to take time for you in your garden.

At the start of the week you’ll set your intentions for the week ahead and share them with the group.

We’ll meet live on the Wednesday for either a mindful gardening training, some mindset and planning training or a live grow along session where we come together as a community to share our gardening highs and our lows.

And then Friday is check in day. We share in our private group how we got on with our intentions. Please note, this is NOT an opportunity for self-flagellation and getting down on yourself. If you find your best laid plans have gone out the window we will support you to reset and try again next week.

Ultimately we're all busy women and we know that life gets in the way, but having accountability to someone other than ourselves means that we are far more likely to do the activities we have planned to do, so we can actually begin to feel calmer and happier through mindful gardening.

More energy

Not only will improved sleep and the fact that you don't feel like you are about to explode with frustration at any given minute mean that you have more energy to do the things you want to. But the act of gardening itself increases your energy levels.  

That is why as part of Mind in Bloom you get a monthly mindful gardening activity sent to you in the post and a whole host of mindful gardening activities that you can just grab and go into the garden to do.  The mindful element will help you to get into the flow state quicker and find that headspace allowing your brain to recharge ahead of a busy day or a jam packed afternoon of work.

Plus having these activities mean you don’t have to waste your precious time working out what to do.

Monthly mindful gardening activity as part of Mind in Bloom the online mindful gardening group programme

Less snappy with your loved ones

The fact that you are taking time for you to create something you’re proud of and enjoy doing, coupled with the fact that you’ll be sleeping better and have more energy means you’ll feel less frantic and have more patience with your kids when they’re demanding your attention.

Listen, I get it. You’ve got so much on your damn plate that one more request (usually in a high pitched whiney tone 😩 ) can send you over the edge.

That's why in Mind in Bloom we work together to reduce the amount of stuff you feel you should be doing, reduce the pressure you're currently under and allow you to take a moment in your garden.

Have questions about whether Mind in Bloom is right for you? You can book a chat with me here.

Or if you’re ready to join, come on in darling the water’s warm.

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