How and when to prune lavender for the best flowers next year

Whether you've inherited and old lavender bush or life got busy and yours is looking a little out of control don't panic, I've got a really simple method to get it back on top form so that gorgeous smell can help you find calm in your garden for years to come.


The best time of year to cut lavender back is in August once the flowers have gone over.

By pruning it before the temperatures drop the plant can put on some good growth whilst temperatures are still mild, meaning it will have a better chance of surviving if we have a particularly harsh winter.

If you forgot to trim yours before the weather got cold, don't panic, a quick prune in late February/ Early March will do but may delay flowering.

Use your sense of sight

Find the point on each lavender stem at which the stalk turns brown.  Go a couple of centimetres back up the stalk and cut the stem off above the green growth. If you cut into the brown wood the plant won't grow back and you'll be left with dead lavender plants that will need replacing.

Do this to each stalk in turn on every lavender plant that you have. 

Using your prunings to find calm

Take the pieces of lavender you've trimmed, bunch them together and hang them upside down until the dry.

I like to keep a dried bunch in my office as I find the scent soothing and I can take a big grounding whiff if I feel myself getting a bit overwhelmed.

 They are also particularly delightful sprinkled in a warm bath or in a post work G&T in the garden.

I hope this is useful and it's given you the confidence to revive your lavender plants rather than just letting them die over the winter and then replanting them next year! Generally, lavender plants don't last forever, but you can get a good few seasons out of them by trimming them in August every year and giving them a new lease of life. 

If you're keen to learn how to increase the wellbeing of other plants in your garden whilst improving your own wellbeing too then join my 30 minute mindful pruning masterclass.


Purple lavender

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