How much does it cost to run an Adventures with Flowers workshop?

Last year Adventures with Flowers was a very new venture so I started small and I ran two live workshops at my home.  That way I didn't have to pay out for a pricey venue if no one came!

This year I've been a bit bolder and i've increased the range of workshops from just a one topic to 4 different topics.

Broadly these topics fall into two categories and I thought i'd give you a brief overview of both so you can see what each entails in terms of what you'll get and also in terms of what's involved in putting it together.

Mindful Floristry workshops

These are two and a half hour events that are generally run by me either at Adventures with Flowers HQ (my house) or at the Discovery room in John Lewis and Partners, Reading.  You will learn about the ways in which the flowers you choose and how the process of arranging them can take you from stressed and anxious to cool, calm and collected in a short space of time. Places are usually limited to 6 due to the space required for you to create your floral masterpieces!

This year however I have decided to branch out and invite a close friend of mine and awesome photographer Chloë Heywood of Petals & Paint Charts to come and teach a floral flat lay photography workshop.

Pink roses surrounding a cup of tea in a white cup and saucer and some vintage floristry scissors

One of Chloë's images painting an idyllic picture of a hot cup of tea to be enjoyed alone and in peace and quiet!

Attendees at last years mindful floristry events who had rated themselves as feeling very stressed prior to the event left feeling calm and relaxed with their unique creation in hand.

Mindful Gardening workshops

New to the offering this year are some two and a half hour gardening workshops again run by me either at my home or at John Lewis and Partners in Reading.  These workshops focus much more on the processes of selecting, planting and caring for your plants and the calming qualities that these activities bring to your stress-filled world.  Places are usually limited to 8 to allow you to get the most out your time at the event, plus I like the workshops to have a small intimate vibe. 

How much does it cost to run these events?

These workshops are about building relationships with new and existing customers rather than generating profit so you will see the margins are very low.  Nonetheless I feel they are worthwhile for building the Adventures with Flowers community.

The ticket prices for the mindful floristry workshops range between £40 and £50 depending on how early you book, meaning ticket sales come to around £270.

Approximate costs involved

Venue hire £0 (My family aren't charging me to use our house ;) and John Lewis are also very kindly offering their space for free)

Teaching time £50

Materials and flowers £107

Catering £6

Marketing £30

Admin £30

Charity donation £6

Total cost £229

Happy workshop attendees with their festive wreaths

Attendees with their festive wreaths at our small workshops in December 2018.

The ticket prices for the mindful gardening workshops range between £40 and £50 depending on how early you book, meaning ticket sales come to around £360.

Approximate costs involved:

Venue hire £0 (again no charge from either my family or John Lewis & Partners)

Teaching time £50

Materials and plants £177

Catering £6

Marketing £30

Admin £30

Charity donation £6

Total cost £299

Now you've read this you're probably thinking, 'why do I bother?'  And the answer is, because I started Adventures with Flowers to help others discover the wellbeing benefits of gardening and floristry to help them manage their stress and anxiety.  It has never been about making a ton of money for me.

I want you to come to my workshops and learn new skills that will help you to manage stressful situations you encounter and help you to see a path through the overwhelming anxiety that forms a part of your everyday life.

I want you to find a supportive network both at the workshop and beyond via my free facebook group or through my paid Mind in Bloom box community.  So that when you are struggling, you have a friendly ear to listen and provide support.

Sure, I'd make more money if I increased the size of the groups but I feel that they would somehow lose their intimacy and the safe feeling which is exactly what i'm trying to cultivate.

I'd love your thoughts on this, do you think bigger groups sizes would be a good idea or do you prefer a cosier feel?  Let me know in the comments below.


Women making festive wreaths

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