How to create a floral filing cabinet thats a delight for the senses


So your garden's a blank canvas and you'd love to fill it with flowers or veggies.

But brand new planters can be expensive.

Here's a little hack to create a brand new planter from an old filing cabinet that you can then fill with colourful flowers and delicious veggies to help you start to slow down and switch off in your garden.


Step 1- remove the drawers, cover any holes with wooden board sprayed the colour of your cabinet and put in final position.

Empty black filing cabinet with the drawers removed on a stone patio next to a brick wall

Step 2- Fill the bottom half with left over polystyrene or old plastic plant pots. This aids drainage, recycled unwanted plastic and also means you don’t need tonnes of compost.

Filing cabinet half filled with white polystyrene and some soil on top.

Step 3- Fill the remainder of the cabinet with compost up to 2/3cm from the top edge of the cabinet.

Black filing cabinet filled with compost up against a red brick wall

Step 4- It’s time for plants. Choose a range of plants so that you have a treat for all the senses.

Green cosmos plants being planted in a recycled black filing cabinet

Step 5- Keep it well watered and before long it will look like.....

Black filing cabinet overflowing with greenery and purple salvia flowers, cosmos and pink stocks
If you'd like more support on how to plan your space and where to put your planter to make sure that not only your plants thrive but you do too then join my 30 minute mindful garden planning masterclass.

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