How to create a large vase arrangement

Equipment required:

A large vase


Washing up gloves

Hot water and room temperature water

Flower food

Some secateurs

A selection of flowers


Step 1:

Take a large vase and scrub it clean with warm water and bleach (get your marigolds on to protect your hands!).  Rinse it well and fill with room temperature water and some flower food.

Step 2:

Cut a selection of flowers from the garden- try to choose different colours and shapes if you have them available.  Remove all the lower leaves and arrange on the worktop in colour and type.  This makes it easier to see what you have to work with.

Step 3:

Cut each stem at a 45 degree angle as you begin to add flowers to the vase.  Ensure the same flower types are spaced out across the arrangement.  They could be at different heights for example.

Step 4:

Add any accent flowers and any edging flowers or foliage to frame the arrangement.  Display it somewhere it will get a smile everyday!

If your more of a video kind of person then check out my video demo below.

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