How to get the most out of your Mind in Bloom Box subscription

Joining a subscription box community like Mind in Bloom Box is a great way to learn to grow your garden mindfully. As well as access to a library of mindful gardening resources, you also get to be part of a community of like-minded people you can go to for advice and support. However there is a lot of content available to you and this can add to the overwhelm which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here!

With that in mind, here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your Mind in Bloom Box subscription.

Save this article so you can refer back to it if you feel a bit discombobulated.

1. Set up a dedicated email folder for Mind in Bloom Box and add my email address to your contacts

Add any emails relating to Mind in Bloom Box to this folder, so you can find them easily. Also add my email address to your contacts to ensure my emails don’t end up in your spam folder and you miss out on all the mindful gardening goodness i’ll be sharing.

2. Join and introduce yourself in the subscribers area

I currently use a private Facebook group for the Mind in Bloom box community. This is the place to pose questions (both to myself and other members) and have conversations.

A few things to note about the private Facebook group:

  • The pinned post at the top of the page shows you how to get started.
  • Live Q&A sessions take place every other Monday at 8pm.  
  • If you’re struggling with something garden related or you just want my opinion make sure to tag me in the post. 

Do add yourself and introduce yourself to the rest of the group, include a before picture of your garden so we can celebrate your progress on your Mind in Bloom Box journey.

We collate your growing successes prompted by our Monthly grow along posts and email them out once a month, which is really popular with subscribers and so important to celebrate and track your mindful gardening journey!

3. Add live Q&A dates to your calendar

We have a bi-weekly live Q&A session every other Monday at 8pm.  If you can't make it live  you can post your questions in our Facebook group ahead of the call under this reminder pic posted before the live session. The video will be stored in the units for you to watch afterwards.  I do encourage you to come along live though and make the most of having me to answer whatever you like.


4. Make yourself a cuppa and take some time to look through the resources 

When you join the Facebook group, the first thing you will see is the pinned post which points you in the direction of the Units and the best place to start. Get a hot cuppa and hide yourself away if you have to, to have a quick look through the resources to see what can support you right away and what you will save for later on.

5. Schedule your ‘you’ time

When you are as busy as most of us are, it can be easy to let time for yourself slide.

I can usually tell when i’m doing this myself as I start to get a rising feeling of anxiety and I get really snappy.

Even if you can only spare 5 minutes a day to check your seedlings and give them some water.  The trick is to do it every day and form a habit.  Which according to the experts only takes 30 days to form.  So by the time your second Mind in Bloom Box is delivered you will be used to dedicating time every day to yourself and your own wellbeing.

I find it helpful to give myself some time after my little one is in bed.  Linking my time for myself to another action i.e. putting my little one down means that I’m more likely to remember to do it and not get distracted by the washing/ cooking dinner etc.

6. Ask if you need help….and tell me what you need

If you’re struggling with something, please don’t keep it to yourself.  A problem shared is a problem halved and all that jazz. Post your challenge in the Facebook group, tag me in and I’ll give you some help. You’ll also get support and advice from other members, which can be super helpful. I am always contactable via email if you don’t want to post on the group.

7. Don’t just share the good bits

I’m so bored of the perfect Instagram gloss that gets applied to people’s gardens/ lives in general.  Mind in Bloom Box is not about always growing the perfect courgette, the prize winning dahlia or the best sprig of rosemary.  The point of Mind in Bloom box is to enjoy the process and the headspace it brings you.  The fact that it allows you to jump off the hamster wheel of life and feel a flicker of passion for something again.

Sure there will be times when you forget to water your plants and they look a bit sad for a couple of days, some may even die (shock horror).  NEWSFLASH! It happens to the best of us.

I regularly share pictures of my crispy looking seedlings or slug-munched plants and dare I say, celebrate them…….because at least i’ve taken a step towards what I want to achieve by starting in the first place.

Not subscribed yet? Here's some more information about Mind in Bloom Box.

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