Learning the art of patience

Those that know me are probably aware that patience is not one of my virtues.  I am a quick decisive decision maker and struggle to wait for anything!

Especially in today’s society of instant gratification and next day delivery. Anyone else get really pissed off when you have to wait 5 days for something to arrive and you have to pay £5 plus to get it?!  Maybe its just me and my impatience!

When we viewed our now house we hadn’t even got as far as upstairs and I told my husband we needed to put an asking price offer in right away.  He rolled his eyes (used to dealing with my ‘enthusiasm’ as I like to call it) and firmly told me he needed to think about it.  He made me wait the whole weekend before he begrudgingly agreed to put in a well below asking price offer.  His patience paid off and we got our dream home.  It made me think, maybe there was something in having a more laid back approach to life and how could I learn to be a bit more chilled about things?

White cottage viewed through a trellis arch with passionflower vine growing up it

It wasn’t until I started sowing seeds and bulbs to grow plants in the garden that my patience was truly tested, because as much as I’d like them to hurry up and grow, they will not be rushed.  And then there’s the biennials that take two whole years from sowing to flower- I mean that’s just harsh to make me wait so long!

But I’ve come to realise that the longer you have to wait the sweeter and more wonderous the flowers are when they finally do show their faces.  There’s something to be said for a good bit of anticipation!

Tall spires of pink, purple and white foxgloves in a border next to a brick building

Nestling tulips bulbs into the ground in December and waiting for what seems like forever (in reality its 3 months!) until those little green shoots come poking up out of the ground is now one of my greatest joys.

Rows of brown papery tulip bulbs all in a row in a deep trench like eggs in a carton

It’s just one of the many life lessons that gardening has taught me and its allowed me to take a lot of pressure off myself.  I’m now a bit more realistic with the timescales I set myself to get stuff done, whereas before I would insist on doing my whole ‘to do’ list within 24 hours and end up overwhelmed and super stressed in the process.

I’ve learnt to ask for help if something really does need to be done immediately and I don’t feasibly have the time and I’m lucky that my hubby is happy to oblige, even if it’s not always as quick as I’d like!

Having said that, I still have some way to go.  I can still be impatient and demanding especially when I’m tired or not feeling great but I’m certainly more aware of it and you have to start somewhere right?!

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