Mindful Gardening for Scent

Mindful gardening is all about slowing down, using your senses and really noticing the world around you.

So this week I thought I would focus on scent.

Flowers use their scents to attract pollinators so they can reproduce.  Sometimes these scents are good (think roses, daffodils) and sometimes they are not so good (to me Sweet William smell like wet dog and I cannot stand them).

Light pink Queen of Sweden rose against a red brick wall

Scent is such a subjective thing that what one person thinks is divine, another person may think is far too sickly sweet.

So I encourage you to go out into the garden or on a walk and really smell the flowers.  Do they smell nice or nasty?  Notice the feelings they conjure up and sit with them.  It's ok if the smells make you feel sad or nostalgic, its good to reminisce.  It's quite likely you'll get some funny looks from those around you as you go about the countryside sniffing all the flora in sight, but once you smell some of those wonderful scents out there in nature you really won't care.

What do they remind you of?  Do any of them take you back to childhood when you had more time to explore and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us?

Red, Pink and purple sweetpeas in a white handmade ceramic vase against a white metro tile background

Just 10 minutes a day of really noticing these scents and how they make you feel can significantly help to improve your mood and aid relaxation.

So go for it, you'll be glad you did.

My current favourite scent is coming from some hyacinths I planted in pots either side of my front door back in the autumn.  They are currently in full bloom and each time I walk into or out of my front door I am enveloped by their beautifully heady scent.  It genuinely makes me stop in my tracks and appreciate them.

Two stone pots either side of a front door overflowing with pinky peach hyacinth gipsy queen

Once they've finished flowering and captivating me with their delicious scent I plan to replace them with some summer flowering freesias.  I bought a pack of 25 bulbs from Aldi for £1.39 so it really won't be expensive to carry on my mood lifting welcome home after a long day at work.

Packet of mixed freesia bulbs









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