Mindful Grass Cutting

If there’s one gardening job that most of us have to do it’s this.....

Man with a lawn mower cutting the grass in the foreground with some large trees in the mid ground and the white beach and bright blue sea in the background

Of course I’m talking about cutting your grass. Something that kind of fills me with dread but once I’ve started I always find there is something super comforting about striding up and down the lawn breathing in the intoxicating scent of freshly cut grass. A smell so iconic I’d be seriously surprised if Mrs Hinch doesn’t own a freshly cut grass scented candle or room spray. 

Plus once it’s done it seems to elevate the look of the entire garden, even if that’s only because it’s scalped all the dandelions.

It takes very little concentration which is quite delightful after a long day at work and the rhythmic motion wandering up and down allows me to truly switch off from the world around.

In this calm, relaxed state, I find I notice more, a bumblebee buzzing around the lavender that runs along a bed next to the lawn, a bird taking a dip in the homemade bath tub pond, even an earthworm sliding across the path in search of a new hidey hole.

My favourite part, relaxing outside with a G&T or a cuppa and surveying my handiwork.

So next time you notice your grass looking a bit like a farmers field, grab your mower, stride out your stresses, switch on your senses and be sure to congratulate yourself and your new look garden afterwards. 

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