Online gardening classes vs in-person classes: what’s the difference?

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You want to learn to garden but you can’t decide between an online class or an in-person class? You’re not sure what’s included in each and what the difference is between them. Here’s 5 ways that online gardening classes are different.

You can join in from anywhere

No matter where you’re located in the world you can join online gardening classes.   You could be learning all about how to grow your own vegetables from the comfort of your own sofa with a glass of wine in your pj’s. Or perhaps how to start your own floral cutting garden in an upmarket coffee shop or co-working space with your coconut milk latte and a slice of bakewell tart in hand. 

In-person classes are obviously location specific and in all likelihood there won’t be anyone offering the type of class you want in your area.  At an in-person event you’ll be lucky to get a mug of tea and a slice of shop bought cake as an accompaniment. 

PLUS you’ll have to wear a bra and you might get a couple of strange looks when you remove your coat to reveal your cosy sheep pajamas 🐑.


Don’t get the same social interaction

A huge mental health benefit of gardening is the ability to create connections with other gardeners.  This decreases loneliness and in turn improves the mental wellbeing of the gardener.  At an in person class there are plenty of opportunities to interact and build relationships with your fellow new gardeners.  

Whilst this is more challenging online, the chat function of an online class soon becomes a safe place to ask questions, chat to your fellow attendees and begin those online friendships so prevalent in all of our lives today.  

Even at an in person event, your ongoing relationship would likely be conducted largely online so the difference is minimal in that respect.  Plus if you make some new friends in far flung places of the country or even the world, you might have to arrange an in person meet, for gardening research purposes of course 😉.

More cost effective

At an in person class the instructor would likely be both showing you how to do the gardening activities and then encouraging you to try them live in the class.  This means that you will learn less gardening skills and techniques during the same time period in an in-person class than you would in an online gardening course.

This means that you actually learn more techniques for your money in an online gardening class.

You may be concerned that in an online gardening class you won’t be able to ask for feedback on the techniques you are learning and trying.  If this is the case but you can’t find any in-person classes near to you then a gardening membership like Mind in Bloom Box may be the answer for you.  As a subscriber you are able to ask questions about what you are learning and get help with your mindful gardening techniques.


Require you to have all the materials and equipment yourself

In-person classes often advertise seeds and plants included in the price. Given that when you join an online gardening course you can be anywhere in the world it makes sense that the materials and tools you may need are not included as part of the class cost.  

Some may see this as a downside, but at Adventures with Flowers we believe in growing only plants that make your heart sing.  As we are all individuals this means that we will inevitably like different plants.  

Therefore when you join an Adventures with Flowers gardening masterclass you will be given a suggested equipment list, some of which you may need to purchase and some you can find in your recycling bin.  This enables you to bring your own individuality into your garden and really make it somewhere unique for you to go to relax and switch off.


Take less time out of your day

The teaching element of many gardening classes whether in person or online lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours. An in person class may be broken up with a tea break or a stop for lunch thereby extending the time of the class.  With online courses the actual learning is delivered in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to fit it into your lunch break or into an evening once the kids are in bed.

The Adventures with Flowers online gardening masterclasses are all recorded so if you can’t make the live class you can watch the recording at a time that suits you.  This also allows you to pause the class and try the techniques before moving on to the next topic at your own pace.  In addition you can buy the recordings of any classes that have previously been taught to expand your gardening knowledge further.

If you’d like to learn how to garden for your mind so you get maximum relaxation from gardening then purchase an Adventures with Flowers online gardening masterclass today and let’s get you gardening for your mind.


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