Seven common concerns about joining The Mindful Gardening Club

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Joining a membership community is a big decision. Firstly there is the cost of the membership to consider, you’ll also need to factor in some time to do the activities the membership provides you with, which will mean taking time away from your day to day life.

It’s COMPLETELY NORMAL to worry about whether you’re making the right decision in joining.

So I thought it might be useful to tell you about some of the most common concerns prospective members raise about joining The Mindful Gardening Club.

If you’ve not heard of The Mindful Gardening Club it’s a gardening for wellbeing course and community for exhausted women who want to grow their own food and flowers in a way that makes them feel fabulous.

Women join for many reasons, but if you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and not finding any joy in your life- because you don’t have time for yourself after you’ve dealt with everyone else’s needs- and no matter how hard you try your brain just WON’T SWITCH OFF - you’re probably a good fit for The Mindful Gardening club.

Joining The Club will help you quiet your brain so you have some space to think about what YOU want and desire in life rather than doing things that make everyone else happy but you miserable.  It will also help you to grow your confidence in gardening and have a veg patch, herb garden or flower border to be proud of.

Concern 1: ‘I don’t have time’

Ask most women how they are and what’s the one thing most of us say?


My view

I utterly despise that word for a couple of reasons.  Many women wear it like a badge of bloody honour, like if you’re not busy you’re shit.  Well sorry, but no.  You may be busy but you’re also fucking stressed.

The second thing that i’d say if you think you’re too busy, if this.  Are you really too busy to start taking your health seriously?  Because I promise you now, if you continue in the same vein of putting everyone else first and letting your own needs come trailing behind like some sad forgotten about stuffed toy, you are on a surefire route to burnout.  Believe me I've lived it and it is not pretty.

The Mindful Gardening club isn’t a quick fix. It takes time to re-train your brain to switch off and allow you that space.  Each month we will have one focus so that you don't feel overwhelmed with information and I can help you build the time you take for yourself month on month as your garden grows.

One of the key things you’ll learn as a Mindful Gardening Club member is how to create a routine that works for you, so you’re finding that headspace for yourself every single day - without being in the garden all day everyday.

Concern 2: ‘I can’t afford it.’

Some prospective members tell me they love the idea of joining The Mindful Gardening Club- and would join if they could - but they can’t afford it.

My view

If you’re not earning much right now I can see why my 1 to 1 mindful gardening coaching might be off the cards.

But at the current annual rate, joining The Club works out at just under £0.52 a day. So, if you really want to invest in your wellbeing and your own future - and get access to techniques and resources that will help you find calm and headspace through gardening AND give you a bloody gorge garden to boot (including personalised help from me) I believe you’ve got what it takes to find the cash.

The first thing you need to do is change your mindset. Instead of saying ‘I can’t afford it’ ask yourself ‘‘what could I do to make it affordable?’  Could you forgo a daily coffee or replace your nightly glass of wine with some mindful gardening?

Bunch of Adventures with Flowers mix sweet peas in the garden

Concern 3: ‘It’s not the right time’

Some prospective members tell me they love the idea of The Mindful Gardening Club - and they ‘would love someone to help them with their garden’ - but once the kids are back at school, I go part time in my job, the weather’s better….etc

My view

If now’s not the right time to make your wellbeing a priority, when will be…?

If coronavirus has taught us anything it's that life is too short to not be happy. Put your own happiness on hold until the kids have left or until the sun comes out and you may find it significantly harder to remember the things that sparked joy in you in the first place.

Concern 4: ‘I only have space for pots and containers’

Some people tell me that The Mindful Gardening Club isn’t for them as they can only garden in pots.

My view

Whether you garden in the ground or in pots there are three things you need to be doing if you want to find headspace through gardening: know your garden intimately (sun levels, soil type),  grow things that you love and that delight your senses, and give yourself some time every day to practice mindful gardening (even if that's 5 minutes). Plenty of our members grow in pots, and some (like me) grow in a mix of pots and borders.

The resources and Live coaching sessions are relevant for growing in pots and in the ground.

Flower bulbs on top of soil in an orange pot with some gardening tools and pots next to them on the wooden table top

Concern 5: ‘I’ll get overwhelmed with too many plants’

A common concern I hear from members is that if they join The Club they’ll end up with too many plants and won’t have anywhere to put them.

My view

I appreciate that as a person with an already jam packed life the thought of having tonnes of plants to care for as well seems a bit scary.

That is why we'll be planning your growing space in The Club to ensure that there's no chance of your garden getting too full and you getting overwhelmed with them. This will enable you to learn different mindful gardening skills, slowly at your own pace and always have something to do for your daily 5 minutes without adding to your sense of overwhelm.

Concern 6: ‘I’ve killed every plant i’ve ever owned’

Some potential members tell me they want to learn to garden for their wellbeing - but everything they have tried to grow previously died and it left them feeling useless and frustrated.

My view

I’ll be honest here, you can’t control nature.  If you sow 6 seeds chances are you’ll end up with 3 plants (most seed suppliers quote a 50% germination rate) so if a few die it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

As a Mindful Gardening Club member I will help you to come up with a routine to ensure your success rates increase.

Generally when people are so unsuccessful with growing plants there are a couple of reasons: you’re either overwatering or under watering them or the plants don’t like where you’ve planted them.  

But don’t worry one of the most important things you’ll learn as part of your membership of The Club is how to ensure you are giving your plants the optimum conditions to help them thrive.  And by joining us in The Mindful Gardening Club you’ll be doing the same for you as well.

 coir compost discs, pots, plant labels and adventures with flowers seed packet on top of a table

Concern 7:  ‘It won’t work for me’

Some women say they love the idea of The Club, but feel it won’t work for them because they’ve tried yoga/ meditation/ mindfulness and their brain was busier than ever.

My view

To delve into a little bit of the science, the way that mindful gardening works is to allow your brain to remain active as you stay present in the activity that you are doing but not to the extent that the brain becomes stressed.  It is a form of active rest.  Certain activities such as seed sowing are great for this as they are repetitive so they really allow you to switch off.

However, I can’t give you guarantees.  What I can say is that I’ve trained hundreds of people in mindful gardening to feel calmer, more connected and more confident - and it works.  It's important to remember that this is a partnership. I can share all my best activities, ideas and tips but if you’re not willing to try them, you won’t get the results you desire. But if you’re willing to give them a go, commit to 5 minutes a day to start with and make your wellbeing a priority, you will get results.

Like the idea of being part of a supportive community, spending some time learning how to grow your own food and flowers so you can reconnect with you and grow your confidence in the garden and in life?

Why not join The Mindful Gardening Club and come join us.

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