The day gardening awoke my inner lioness

One day as my trowel was slicing through the dirt unearthing a particularly stubborn dandelion, I heard my inner lioness roaring. ‘You’ve got to make a change for Arwen.’ 

I knew if I didn’t, history would repeat itself and it would be HER working herself into the ground, never allowing herself to rest and feel her feelings and struggling with her mental health just like I was.

As a new mum to 5 month old baby Arwen I felt lost, lonely and didn't know who I was anymore. Overworking in my corporate job had given me my (admittedly very unhealthy) identity and had me struggling with anxiety and rock bottom self worth. 

As I chipped away at the root of that pesky dandelion, feeling the cool grainy soil beneath my hands, I tuned in to my inner voice, something my regular mindful gardening practice had enabled me to do, and asked ‘but how?’

As I levered the last bit of the root from the now loosened soil, over the sound of the birds tweeting sweetly in the nearby trees, the response came loud and clear, ‘help women connect with Mother Nature through gardening and floristry.’

I’d been using growing flowers and then arranging them as my own form of self-care for years, with it being the only time my very busy brain was quiet. In that moment I decided, I would teach other women to do the same.

Bouquet of summer flowers including pink roses, foxgloves, white orlaya grandiflora and blue nigella

Scared to put myself out there but determined to make a change for future generations of women, I decided to dip a toe in the self employed life and run some festive wreath courses. 

Ever the overachiever, I was convinced I’d mention it to 2 people, do a couple of posts on Facebook and sell out immediately.  But……… I quickly discovered that women are reluctant to spend money and time on themselves. It’s almost as if they don’t feel they deserve it…….(thanks capitalist and patriarchal society).

One of my missions now is to change that narrative and help women to realise they are worth spending time and money on. Even if they haven’t yet achieved all the impossible goals they’ve set themselves and the washing basket is overflowing.

The changes I saw in the women that did give themselves permission to attend my courses that December lit the fire in me to keep on going.  It was as if a weight had been lifted from them after just 2 hours. Imagine how a regular practice could help them to feel.

3 women mindfully making festive wreaths to improve their wellbeing

And so here I am nearly 4 years later and mum to a second little girl.

The business has evolved to include supporting women to create their dream garden as well as teaching them how to grow and arrange their own flowers as a way to find some headspace. 

In that time I’ve discovered that when women allow themselves to start slowing down and make their wellbeing a priority through gardening, they bloom in all aspects of their lives. And their gardens look fucking gorgeous too!

As women we have so much power to help, grow and raise up other women simply by taking care of ourselves first.

If you’re ready to take that first step towards creating a garden that supports your wellbeing and helps you to start to slowing down then book a free 15 minute garden audit and let’s chat about how I can help you.


  • Lovely words.

    J N Hallum
  • Lovely words.

    J N Hallum

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