The reason you're struggling to create the wellbeing garden of your dreams

I felt the panic rising up in my throat as my eyes rose to the tippy top of the VERY overgrown bay tree dominating the front garden of the house we’d just signed on the dotted line for.

I gulped my fear down and whispered to myself ‘you can do this’.

Very large green bay tree in front garden opposite a church


(FYI That tree would remain in situ for another 2 years whilst I grappled with what to do with it. There’s absolutely no shame in taking your time.)

You see, I'd been desperate for a garden so I could grow flowers and then use them in bouquets and other creative projects.  But now I finally had one, the gargantuan task ahead was filling me with dread.

The overachiever in me was whispering in my ear that I needed to get the garden looking good asap and if I hadn't managed it by the summer (5 months away) then I was a bloody failure.

It took all the strength I had to quieten my inner critic, make a plan and slowly chip away at it bit by bit.

As I removed dead, diseased and overgrown bushes and planted things that set my heart on fire in their place, I came to realise that this process would take me significantly longer than 5 months with time and money being my limiting factors. But I also realised that I didn't mind that, as when I was gardening my very busy brain was actually quiet.

Brightly coloured dahlias in a garden border


You see I was working full time and running my own business on evenings and weekends and I was emotionally exhausted, spent and on the edge of burnout.

My time in the garden allowed me to slow down, take my foot off the accelerator, connect with Mother Nature and myself, feel those feelings I'd kept buried for so long, process them and actually allow myself to enjoy my life.

Sure there were times I looked out the window and the sight that met me made me feel like i couldn't do it. That voice reared its ugly head again ‘It's taking too long, you don’t know what you’re doing, you must be really useless if you can’t even grow a few plants, what makes you think you can create something beautiful?’

It took every ounce of strength I had to keep going through the many mistakes I made, the plants I killed and the feelings of not being good enough.

Green seed trays, some with seedlings in and some with failed seedlings


I learnt a lot along the way about gardening, growing for wellbeing and myself and it's why I do what I do now.

I see you struggling to get growing in your garden, second guessing your every decision, telling yourself you don’t have time so you don’t have to admit that you don’t know where to start.

I’m gonna level with you here. Anyone can bung a couple of things in the ground,  keep their fingers crossed that they survive and actually produce the flowers or veg that you were hoping for.  

But it's hard to create a garden that envelops you in a sense of calm as soon as you enter it, because we’re all unique human beings, with different needs, wants and desires. Things that we might not even be aware that we are craving as we rocket through life at 100 miles an hour.

I want you to know there is another way. But it's not something that you can just pay someone to create for you.

If you really want a garden that supports your wellbeing and emotional growth YOU need to be instrumental in planning, creating and caring for it.  

That’s where I come in.  I give you the permission, the support and the skills you need to actually make your dream wellbeing garden a reality in my ‘Create your  wellbeing garden sessions.’ 

Book a free 15 minute garden audit here and let's chat about where your garden’s at, where you want it to be and how I can help you get there.

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