What to expect when you join my ‘How to create a mindful garden when your short on time’ masterclass

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There are so many free masterclasses floating about on Instagram right now.  So I want to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting when you join mine and how it can make a huge impact in your life.

Here are just some of the fabulous things I’ve got lined up for Thursday to help you start to switch off in your garden so that you can feel calmer and less stressed.

My help with planning your mindful garden live on the class

There's no one else out there teaching my mindful gardening techniques (because I created them) and this is your chance to learn some of them for FREE alongside a like-minded group of gorgeous women.

With plenty of time to ask questions during and after the session, my mission is to provide you with an accessible route to headspace one growing season at a time, so please take advantage of the chance to get my advice in this 60 minute session.

Kendall Platt The Mindful Gardening Coach

Your mindful garden plan complete and ready to implement to create your own safe haven

The reason I’m running this LIVE with no replay is because I actually want you to make you a priority and schedule this into your diary to attend the session and create your mindful garden plan with us.

It is so easy when you are busy, to sign up for a tonne of free stuff, then allow life to get in the way and promise yourself you’ll watch the replay and you never do. 

I’m really serious about mindful gardening helping you to reconnect with you and helping you to reduce your stress levels and anxiety.

And the best way to do anything and make sure it ACTUALLY happens, is to create a plan.

So we’re gonna do it together and you can ask for my feedback and take the first step to creating your healing space right outside your back door.

A workbook

Is it just me that gets excited about workbooks?  Must be the good girl student in me having the time of her life filling in the blanks…..

But in all seriousness, this workbook is going to help you get really clear on how you can use mindful gardening to find calm and headspace AND it's going to allow you to tailor it to you and your garden specifically.

Plus it's yours to keep and use to slowly turn your garden from its current state to a place that makes your shoulders drop as soon as you walk into it.

Once you’ve signed up make sure you print it and write your name and date on the front.  It's fresh notebook time!!!!

Image of the workbook for How to create a mindful garden when you're short on time free masterclass

Actual value

This is not one of those free masterclasses with a load of bullshit content and then a huge sales pitch at the end- yuck!! I’ve done a few of these masterclasses now and made the mistake of doing what other ‘gurus’ told me I should be doing. Honestly, their ways felt so uncomfortable for me. So this time I'm trusting my gut and doing it in a way that delivers you real value so you can start to make mindful gardening a part of your self care toolkit.

Without mindful gardening and the headspace it has afforded me I would never have got to this level of self-awareness so I really am a case study for how it can benefit so many areas of your life.

In the masterclass you will actually learn ALL about mindful gardening and how it can benefit you, what I consider to be the must have elements in a mindful garden (my Mindful Garden Blueprint) and also the actual mindful gardening techniques I teach my clients to help them plan their mindful gardens.

A support solution to help you ensure you get started

For full transparency, one of my biggest values is honesty after all, I will be sharing some information about my group programme at the end of the session should you want my support and some accountability going forward to actually make your mindful garden dream a reality.

There will also be the chance to ask any questions about the programme if you’ve been looking at it but want clarity on how it can help you.

I’m so excited to help you get creating your mindful garden plan.
PLEASE NOTE: There will not be a replay.

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