What will happen when you book on to my mindful gardening retreat

Incorporating elements of wellbeing garden design, the latest mindful gardening techniques to help you harness the physical and mental benefits of gardening and growing food and flowers for health and wellbeing, my Mindful Gardening Retreat is the must attend event for the new gardener.

You'll learn how to garden for mindfulness, how to use gardening to relieve stress and anxiety and how to plan and grow your dream garden.

Check out this step by step sneak peek into what our time together at a mindful gardening retreat will look like to see if its what you need to get started on your gardening for wellbeing journey.

What do you need to wear?

Something that you will be comfortable in.  I am a huge advocate for not having to change into ‘gardening clothes’ in order to garden as it takes up precious time that you could be spending in the garden. 

I garden in whatever clothes I am wearing that day and yes, sometimes that is a dress and wildly inappropriate shoes. 

If the weather looks good we will be outside at my big outdoor table under the pergola. If the weather looks set to rain we will be indoors, but do bring a jacket or coat as we will be going round the garden so I can demonstrate some techniques and you can have a go too.

3 honeyboat squash plants in the sunshine on top of a big wooden table

What do you need to bring?

Past retreat guests have found it useful to bring a box or bin liner to go in their boot and save their car from getting covered in mud and plant material.

Whilst you will be heading home with plants and seeds as part of the retreat there will be other plants, gardening and floristry equipment available to buy on the day if you wish to.  Please bring a form of payment with you if you fancy a plant based spending spree.

A notebook and Pen. You will be given a workbook to write in as we move through the day.

What time should you arrive

The first mindful gardening session is at 10.30, so anytime from 10 onwards is great.  If you are early, don’t feel you have to sit in your car, just head into the garden and you’ll find me setting up. 


There is space on the gravel driveway for a couple of cars, otherwise please park in the layby outside the church and directly opposite the house if you can.

Arrival drinks

When you arrive there will be plenty of time to relax, have a coffee (I have a Nespresso machine), cup of tea, cold drink or a glass of fizz should you wish to celebrate having the first day to yourself in what feels like forever.  

You are free to wander in the garden, chat to the other ladies on the retreat, sit quietly and feel the healing effects of being in Mother Nature.  

My garden purposely has a number of different seating areas to encourage moments of quiet reflection and get your creative juices flowing.

Seating area seen through a gap in a sweet pea plant

The morning mindful gardening sessions

We will start with a somatic mindful gardening technique to help you connect with Mother Nature, yourself and the other women around you. Before I lead you through a visualisation to help you gain clarity over your dream garden space.  

Then it's planning time, before we get our hands dirty and learn to sow some seeds in a way that benefits our minds.


We will relax over lunch and your choice of beverage before we head back into the garden.  If you have any dietary requirements please let me know when you book your place so I can organise a delicious lunch for you.

People sitting round a big wooden table under a grapevine growing over a pergola chatting

The afternoon mindful gardening sessions

In the afternoon we will be focusing on how to grow your plants from seedlings to being able to harvest your food or flowers. This includes but isn’t limited to: potting on, mindful watering techniques, time saving hacks, how and when to feed your plants so that they stay healthy.

Tea Break and Q&A

This is your chance to ask me anything gardening related while we have a cup of tea.  From plant suggestions for the shady spot in your garden, to how to prune your plum tree.  There will also be the chance for you to have a look at the plants and gardening and floristry equipment I have for sale should you need anything to support you on your mindful gardening journey.

How you’ll feel afterwards

You’ll feel calm, relaxed, inspired and confident to get started in your own garden.  You’ll be brimming with ideas and have an actual plan in place to help you make your garden dreams a reality. You’ll know how to garden in a way that benefits you and your car boot will be full of the plants that can help you find calm in an instant.

You can book your place here.

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