Why the way I teach mindful gardening can help prevent the next generation of frazzled females

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We’re sitting on a ticking time bomb of overworked, disconnected and unhappy women who are under such pressure that they feel themselves cracking a little more each day. And if we’re not careful our daughters will repeat the same cycle.

Here I explore 3 ways in which my mindful gardening methods can help you to slow down and switch off in your garden and why you need to if the next generation have got any hope of changing their future.


Right now we are more disconnected than ever, from our friends, even the people we’re with 24(fucking)/7 and especially from ourselves. Largely because life is tough and it seems easier to put our heads down and carry on than actually acknowledging how we are feeling.  There are so many emotions flying around from everyone else that we can’t face acknowledging our own on top of this, so we bury them and hope they’ll go away.

If i’ve learnt anything from 20 years of doing exactly this, it's that it doesn't bloody work. No matter how much you want it to.

So how can we start to feel more connected with ourselves and those around us?

We need to slow down and allow ourselves to feel what is coming up for us, no matter how messy that may be.  Scary as hell right?

What if you had a safe place in which to do this? Where you could process your feelings whilst still being productive? 

Spending mindful time in your garden enables you to do just this.  Whilst you garden your mind gets a break from all the day to day stuff that usually crowds it allowing those feelings to come up and be processed.

Through mindful gardening I have rebuilt that thread dangling connection with myself. As a result I’ve seen my relationships with those I love flourish and my inner joy radiate into the world around me.

That’s why my vision is to create a community of women who are able to reconnect with themselves, like-minded others and Mother Nature in a no-pressure way, so that they can learn to celebrate their individuality and grow their confidence, enabling them to achieve anything they desire in life.



You’re probably thinking. Well that all sounds good but when the hell am I supposed to find the time?

Contrary to common belief you don't have to have hours of spare time in order to garden.  Previously viewed as a pastime for retirees and bored housewives, gardening is now proving hugely popular for those of all ages.

Perhaps you’ve even considered giving it a go but didnt think you could find the time in your already jam packed life.

We’ll I’m here to dispel that myth.  The mindful gardening activities I teach take just 5, 20 or 60 minutes. So they easily fit into your busy life and benefit you and your garden at the same time.

My mission is to provide women an accessible route to headspace one growing season at a time.

And that’s why I've created mindful gardening activities that work for the modern woman.


Somewhere along the line we’ve picked up this narrative that we don’t deserve to take time for ourselves. Believing that if we just ‘get this last thing done’, then we can take 5 minutes off. Well guess what…..once we’ve done that last thing, something else crops up that’s ‘urgent’ and demands our attention and before we know it it’s 7pm and our longed for ‘me-time’ hasn’t happened yet again. Over time this always being ‘on’ contributes significantly to us feeling disconnected, exhausted and pretty fucking miserable.

Our children see this behaviour and subconsciously take on the message that they also don’t deserve to take time for them.  In adulthood they repeat the cycle and there we have it, the next generation of frazzled females.

If you want more for yourself and your children then come and join my permission to rest revolution.

Frankly what gets me up in the morning is my purpose of giving women permission and space to reconnect with themselves through Nature, so that they can begin to develop their self-belief and re-consider what they believe to be possible.

The way that I do this is to help women work through the mindset blocks stopping them from allowing them to rest. Then I help them to streamline their day to day activities and plan more effectively so that they guarantee that time for themselves daily. The thing that allows them the headspace to process these shifts are my bespoke mindful gardening activities which we learn and then co-create a mindful gardening plan so that they can switch off in their gardens all year round whilst still feeling productive. 

It’s a 12 week programme called Time to Bloom and helps you get out of your head and into your body to help shift those blocks to giving yourself permission to take time for you.

If you’d like to chat further about how I can help you find calm and headspace in your garden you can find more information about Time to Bloom and the link to book a call here.

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