My Adventure

The overwhelming surge of panic bubbling over like an unwatched pot, your heart pounding at 100 miles an hour until it feels like it’s about to explode out of your chest, the crushing weight of expectation and the 6,328,216 things you have to do in the next 24 hours.  The end of the day comes around and you finally quiet your brain enough to be able to fall asleep only to be woken a couple of hours later panicked and drenched in your own sweat. 

Unbelievably I suffered through this for about 6 months before I decided I needed some help to manage my crippling anxiety.

Sorry, I'm Kendall by the way, 30 something mother of 1 and ultimate garden geek. The intro may be dramatic but it gave you the feels though didn't it?! 

And thats what Adventures with Flowers is all about, allowing yourself time and headspace to connect with nature and your feelings.  I used to be pretty good at burying my feelings until I just couldn't keep them down anymore and they exploded out as described above in dramatic fashion.

So I went to my doctor who referred me to a 'talking therapy’ service.  Much to my dismay they were only able to offer me a self directed online CBT course.  Who were they kidding, I didn’t have time to fit that in as well as everything else I had on my plate!

So I struggled on for a few more months trying to desperately think of ways I could help myself.

Springtime rolled around again and I found myself pottering about in my garden, planting seeds, caring for seedlings and cutting the beautiful flowers they turned in to.  By connecting with nature and truly being mindful in the way I gardened, appreciating the colours, smells and shapes of the things I was growing, it allowed me to escape the anxiety bubble and find some much needed relaxation.

It wasn’t long before my floristry training from 10 years earlier came back to me and I begun to create stunning arrangements to display in my house even giving some away to friends and family (when I could bear to part with them!)

Not only did I find the creative process cathartic (something about switching off my busy mind to everything but the flowers) but I adored seeing my creations dotted about the house and the look on friends and family members faces when I presented a bunch of stunning blooms that I’d lovingly grown and arranged myself.  I felt empowered that I had been able to help myself cope with the support of my flowers during a really dark time.

I’d found my floral therapy.


I recently became a mummy to the gorgeous Arwen, and whilst I absolutely adore everything about her, she does take up ALL of my mental energy.  Once hubby is home and in charge of play and bath time I’m straight outside to the garden for an hour or so to get some much needed headspace to recharge my energy.

Over the last year I have been sharing pictures of my creations on social media and people started to message me or post pictures of their own arrangements made from the flowers growing in their gardens and saying that I’d inspired them.

This got me thinking, if I could use flower arranging and gardening to reduce my anxiety, why couldn’t other people? 

So I decided to share my Adventures with Flowers with others and now offer group floral workshops, 1 to 1 gardening and floral arranging lessons at my own cottage garden in Theale, Berkshire and have just launched the UK's first mindful gardening and floristry subscription box 'Mind in Bloom'.

My real passion is in teaching you the skills to maintain and develop your own garden and to help you discover the therapeutic nature of flowers no matter where you are located.

My social media channels provide inspiration, ideas and tips I'd love for you to follow along and share your creations with the #adventureswithflowers

So the only question left to answer is, when is your adventure beginning?

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