ABOUT Kendall

Hi, I’m Kendall Platt and I’m the Mindful Gardening Coach.

I help busy women who want to garden for their wellbeing but struggle to find the time and headspace, to actually get started.

I love helping time-poor women who struggle to prioritise their own wellbeing, because I know what it’s like to be on the hamster wheel of life, constantly going at 100 miles an hour and not knowing how to get off, despite desperately wanting to.

Gardening helped me to start to slowly press the brakes and begin to make my needs a priority, now I want to help you use gardening to do the same.

I want to share everything I've learnt from creating my own mindful gardening practice that helps me to feel calmer, happier and more like myself, to help you harness the healing powers of nature too.

I combine my practical knowledge of gardening with the skills I've learnt as a horticultural therapist to help you feel prepared and excited to start, confident in your abilities and supported in your gardening to wellbeing journey.

What breaks my heart the most about this work? Seeing people who really want to prioritise their wellbeing through gardening but whose feelings of lack hold them back. Lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of self worth.

You feel like you aren’t a priority right now, that taking time for yourself is self- indulgent and simply not feasible.

My goal is to help give you a reason to take time out and find some headspace through gardening, one small step at a time, so that you can start to reconnect with yourself and find some calm in your life, whilst still scratching that itch of needing to feel productive.

This is important because women have so much power to help, grow and raise up other women simply by taking care of ourselves first. It’s time to start gently applying the brakes so you can start to slow down and give yourself a chance to breathe.

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I can’t wait to get to know you and be your gardening guide.

Kendall x