ABOUT Kendall

Hi, I'm Kendall Platt and I help women who find it hard to switch off stop doing all the things they feel like they should be doing and take a moment to slow down through gardening.

The reason I do this?

Women have so much power to help, grow and raise up other women simply by taking care of themselves first. It’s time more women learned to start gently applying the brakes so we can start to slow down and give ourselves a chance to breathe.

We'll get on great if

🌱 You're ready to show yourself more kindness

I work best with those women who know they need to be kinder to themselves but have been struggling to know how to make that happen. If this is you, I can help.

🌱 You celebrate women and their unique voices

I will advocate wholeheartedly for you and your right to live a passionate, joyful life and encourage you to grow plants that YOU love to create a space that's just for you.

🌱 You value freedom and know that taking action will get you there

I will provide you with the tools and support to learn, be inspired by and grow through connecting with yourself, Mother Nature and your garden. But your action is what will get you living that freedom filled, joyful life.

Where it all began....

For as long as I can remember i've overworked myself.

It was the Summer of 2016 and I was constantly waking up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night, thoughts racing through my mind and feelings of panic overwhelming my whole body, when I decided enough was enough.

The pressure I had allowed myself to be put under was making me irritable, unpleasant to be around and very, very unhappy.

I had recently started to grow plants, bulbs and seeds in my garden and discovered that these activities allowed my constantly running brain to quieten. This new found headspace helped me to gather the strength I needed to stop doing all the things I felt I should be doing and start making my life one that I loved living.

A couple of years later my daughter arrived and everything changed.

I had this inner lioness that would not be ignored. I needed to do something to change the way that women were 'coping' with the extreme amounts of pressure on them, not only for myself but for my little girl; the next generation of frazzled females if I didn't take action.

So I decided to offer the tools that had helped me start to slow down and show myself a little more kindness everyday to more women. Adventures with Flowers was born.

Fast forward to now and i've built a successful business where I get to combine my love of gardening with my passion of helping women grow and live lives that they love!

I feel ridiculously lucky that I get to work with so many amazing women to help them discover their inner power.

I focus on creating headspace through mindful gardening and facilitating growth through mindset work because my experience has shown that such a powerful combination is required to help women live the free, joyful lives that they deserve and desire.

Want to find out how I can help you grow your mind and your garden?