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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about Mind in Bloom Membership

Here are a selection of the most frequent asked questions (FAQ’s).


What is a Mind in Bloom membership/ gift experience?

Mind in Bloom is a mindful gardening and floristry membership that helps busy women to find time for themselves and to relieve some of the pressure of modern women hood.  The membership does this by teaching members to mindfully grow and arrange their own cut flowers and feel connected to nature and themselves through our suite of self-development resources called Life Lessons in Nature.

Who is a Mind in Bloom membership or gift experience for?

A Mind in Bloom membership is for you if you often feel overwhelmed and are looking for a way to de-stress, as taking hot bubble baths, reading and relaxing just doesn’t seem to work.  You find it hard to just sit and do nothing, which is why the activities included in a Mind in Bloom membership have been designed specifically to encourage you to unwind whilst doing a mindful activity to ensure that you feel the relaxation benefits instead of feeling guilty for taking some time for you.

What is included in the Mind in Bloom membership programme/ gift experience?

  • A monthly box containing a mindful gardening project (sent on the 4th of each month)
  • Monthly 40 minute group online garden live sessions where I demonstrate that month’s project and answer any gardening or wellbeing questions you have.
  • Online video tutorials to help you complete your mindful gardening project and to teach you mindful floristry techniques.
  • PDF guides, checklists and articles to help you grow yourself as well as your own cut flowers.
  • Weekly journaling prompts
  • Daily support in the Facebook community from me and other members
  • 3 x 1-2-1 calls with Kendall (12-month programme only)
  • 1 x gift card and envelope either to be sent to the purchaser for gifting, or to be included in the first box (gift experiences only)

How much time will I need to spend on the activities?

The programme encourages you to start small with taking just 5 minutes for yourself every day.  An activity done daily will soon become a habit which means you feeling less stressed and overwhelmed will become a way of life going forward.  You will find that once you manage to take 5 minutes to yourself every day this will grow to 10 minutes and beyond once you see the results this time is having on the way you feel.

How will the self-development resources help me?

These resources have been designed with the busy modern woman and the challenges we face in mind.  Each month focuses on a different theme related to the plant in that month’s mindful gardening activity.  Upcoming themes include, ‘What’s my Purpose’ and ‘It’s ok to fail’.  Within these themes we will discuss ways to develop your mindset and grow as an individual with the ultimate goal of feeling able to justify time for yourself. My About page shows some client testimonials.

What mindful gardening activities are included in my monthly box?

I can’t reveal  exactly what is coming up in 2020 as I like to keep it a surprise for members but some examples of past activities are ‘Mindful annual seed sowing’ and ‘Mindful spring bulb planting’.  Some of the activities don’t show their mindful element until they flower, such as scented sweet peas or tall spires of delphiniums soaring up out of the border.  All of the activities however, encourage you to be present in the moment in order to de-stress and enhance your wellbeing. My Blog contains some example mindful gardening activities.

How are you different to other gardening and floristry subscriptions boxes?

The majority of other gardening/floristry subscription boxes contain either seeds, bulbs, plants or flowers and instructions on how to grow or arrange them.  A Mind in Bloom membership gives you this and more by using mindful gardening and floristry techniques and other nature inspired self-development tools in order to change your mindset when it comes to justifying time for yourself and not feeling guilty about it.

How much is a Mind in Bloom Membership?

1 month membership £24.99

3 month membership £71.97 (works out at £23.99 a month)

6 month membership £137.94 (works out at £22.99 a month)

12 month membership beta version £269.88 (works out at £22.49 a month)

I also offer the option to spread the cost of your membership and pay monthly for your membership, you will be charged £24.99 on the 11th of each month for the length of your membership.

How much is a Mind in Bloom Gift experience?

1 month gift experience £24.99

3 month gift experience £71.97 (works out at £23.99 a month)

6 month gift experience £137.94 (works out at £22.99 a month)

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the resources and material provided as part of Mind in Bloom refunds are not available.  A 1 month trial of Mind in Bloom is available for £24.99.

What are the shipping options?

UK shipping is FREE. We don’t currently ship outside of the UK due to plant material restrictions.

When will I receive my first box?

All Mind in Bloom boxes are shipped on the 4th of the month (or the closest working day if the 4th is a Sunday/ public holiday) via Royal Mail.  They should be with you within 3-5 working days. 

 My box hasn’t arrived, what do I do?

If your box hasn’t arrived and it’s been 3-5 working days since it was shipped (4th of the month) then please email me with your full name and order number.

 How do I set up my account?

Go to the website and click on the person icon in the top right hand corner.  Click create account and enter your details.  This will allow you to see your order history and manage your membership.

 How do I access the membership resources?

The membership resources are held in a private Facebook group in the Units section.  Please request to join the group and answer the 3 membership questions before I am able to approve you.  Once approved, choose Units in the left hand menu and all the resources are there.  Please start with Unit 1.

If you can’t find the answer to your question then please email me.