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How I help

Struggling to switch off and relax?

You know you need to be able to find some headspace but you’ve tried yoga, meditation, long hot baths and none of them worked.  You couldn’t relax and your brain just kept whirring.

There are so many things on your ‘to-do list’ for everyone else that there’s no time left for you. You often feel completely DISCONNECTED from yourself and trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and stress.

But you know you need to do something or you’re heading for burnout.  So how can you quiet your thoughts and truly switch off?  And how do you do that quickly?

I can help you create a mindful gardening practice that in just 20 minutes a day will help you find headspace, calm and reduce your stress levels- so you can stop feeling like life is running away with you and reconnect with yourself.

Perhaps you’d love to start a vegetable patch to help feed the family.  Or you’d like to grow your own flowers to cut and have in a vase in the house. Maybe you’d just like to create a relaxing seating area surrounded by sensory plants for you to relax in after a hectic day.

All of these are so much easier when you have someone there to support and guide you.

Three ways you can work with me

1. Online Masterclasses

Need help with a specific mindful gardening problem?

Then my online gardening masterclasses are what you want!

Topics include: How to get started with growing your own vegetable and flowers with more coming soon.

Suitable for you if you:

🌱 Have a particular topic you want to learn about

🌱  Prefer to study alone and in your own time

🌱  Don’t want to ask me questions about what you've learnt and get bespoke advice on your garden

🌱  Want to get to know me and how I teach before investing in a Mind in Bloom Box subscription.

2. Mind in Bloom Box subscription

Mind in Bloom Box subscription is suitable for you if you're new to gardening and you're looking to learn how to create a garden that helps you to find headspace and calm.

If you don't have time to go to the garden centre or trawl the internet looking for guidance on how to look after your plants......

No problem! Everything you need is delivered straight to you or available in our private Facebook community.

Perfect for you if you:

🌱 Like to have step by step guidance to follow

🌱  Need someone to keep you on track to help you find headspace

🌱  Enjoy being part of an online community

🌱  Want to ask me questions about what you've learnt and get help with your mindful gardening activities

3. 1 to 1 garden coaching

Want more personalised advice about your garden?

Perhaps you want to start a vegetable patch, create a wildlife garden to relax in or know what to plant where in your garden.

I can help you 1 to 1 with your garden and developing your mindful gardening practice so you can create that peaceful relaxing oasis you've been imagining.

Suitable for you if you:

🌱 Want personalised advice on your garden and how it can help you to find headspace.

🌱  Want 1 to 1 access to me

🌱  Want to be able to ask me questions about what you are learning and get help with your mindful gardening activities as and when you need it and not in a group setting.

🌱  Would like me to create bespoke mindful gardening training or deliver a talk for you

Need help learning how to garden for your mind?

Over the last 8 years I've perfected my mindful gardening techniques to help me manage my anxious thoughts and deal with the inevitable bumps in the road that occur.  I’ve been featured in national newspapers and online magazines sharing my thoughts and techniques on gardening for your mind. As well as speaking and delivering training to businesses keen to enhance the wellbeing of their staff.

I’ve learnt that gardening isn’t another ‘job’ on your very long list - it forms a key part of your relaxation tool kit- which is why you need to do it every single day.

Now I use my experience to help women like you to quiet their busy brains and reconnect with themselves- primarily through my mindful gardening subscription box, Mind in Bloom. You can also work with me 1 to 1 or hire me to speak or run workshops at your workplace or event by emailing