How to create a mindful garden

6 weeks from garden chaos to garden calm

Where you're at:

You're struggling to know when and where to start with your garden.

You're looking for help and support to get started in your garden.

You've tried watching Gardener's World, asking your neighbour who gardens for advice, watching endless YouTube videos, scrolling and consuming gardening tips on Instagram.

But it’s just adding to the overwhelm and its not specific to your garden.

You’re looking for simplicity and someone to support you.

You’re feeling confused, like you don't know enough,  you're not feeling brave enough and not trusting yourself to get it right.

It's making you feel like your garden is a chore, making you snappy at home and jealous of everyone else’s gardens on Instagram and in real life.

Where you want to be:

You've actually got started in your garden.

You feel supported and confident.

You have all the skills and knowledge you need to keep growing your garden in a way that improves your wellbeing.

You’ve grown your own home-grown food and flowers and have complete confidence in your abilities to be more horticulturally adventurous.

You have the relaxing oasis of your dreams right outside your back door.

You’ve given yourself time, freedom and the opportunity to create a joyful, fun and peaceful life.

You’re less snappy with your loved ones as you have space to be yourself and forge their own adventure through life.

You no longer procrastinate when it comes to trying new things.

How we're going to get you there:

Week 1: Plan
🗓 Getting to know your garden
🗓 Dream garden visualisation
🗓 Equipment and tools
Homework: Connecting with your green space exercise

Week 2: Plan
🗓 How to improve your soil
🗓 Plant selection
🗓 Planting and landscape design
Homework: Plants that make your heart sing exercise

Week 3: Sow
🌱 Seed sowing to benefit your mind
🌱 Mindful bulb planting to find calm
Homework: Mindful gardening exercise practice and evaluation to create your mindful gardening plan

Week 4: Sow
🌱 How to make more plants for free
🌱 Potting on peacefully
🌱 Planting your plants but make it mindful
Homework: Mindful gardening exercise practice and evaluation to create your mindful gardening plan

Week 5: Grow
🌿 How and when to water your plants
🌿 What should you feed your plants and how often
🌿 Different types of weeds and how to remove them mindfully
Homework: Mindful gardening exercise practice and evaluation to create your mindful gardening plan

Week 6: Harvest
🌾 Seed saving and bulb storage
🌾Mindful Pruning
🌾 Your choice of Mindful Floristry or Mindful Food preserving.

Hello! I'm Kendall Platt, The Mindful Gardening Coach

I help women who want to get into gardening for their wellbeing but struggle to find the time and headspace to get started.

As a trained social and therapeutic horticultural practitioner, I’ve supported over 100 time-poor women to create the mindful garden of their dreams through individual coaching, my group programme and in-person and online workshops and they’ve experienced incredible results:

- Actually getting started in the garden

-Feeling confident in their gardening skills to grow vegetables from seed for the first time

- Cultivating their creativity to redesign their front garden.

- Feeling more balanced and peaceful even when life gets tough

- Enjoying gardening instead of worrying about getting it wrong

- Spending more time outdoors connecting with Mother Nature and themselves

- Having somewhere to escape to, to feel free from the monotony of everyday life

- Feeling passionate, motivated and confident to go after what they want in life

- Bring more joy and fun into their life through their gardening adventures.

Now its your turn

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How much will it cost to create my mindful garden?

Paid up front the total cost is £397. Or you can pay in two instalments of £198.50

Why wouldn't I just pay someone else to design and create my mindful garden for for me?

You could absolutely do that. However, with the average cost of garden design being between £5-10k for a small garden project, working with me is more affordable. Plus you'll get all the benefits I wrote about in this blog.

What does the coaching include?

1 hour of weekly coaching for 6 weeks either in your garden (within 30 miles of Reading, Berkshire) or online via zoom.

Voxer (a messaging app similar to WhatsApp) support throughout our time together as you create your mindful garden and implement what you have learnt in our sessions.

The full suite of my mindful gardening techniques to suit you and your garden that can be practiced any time to help you find calm and to keep your garden healthy.

Your complete bespoke mindful gardening plan that we will create together during our sessions and you will add to during your implementation time.

What does the coaching not include?

Your gardening supplies and equipment.

How will the coaching be delivered?

The coaching will take place either in your garden or on zoom. You will be sent full instructions of how to download zoom and also a link to book into my calendar for your first session once you have paid for your coaching.

Do you offer refunds?

Please be advised that I don’t offer refunds so please read the description carefully and book a chat with me here to see if this is the right service for you.

What happens next?

Once you have paid for your package you will receive an email containing a questionnaire for you to complete.

I will review your questionnaire, create a bespoke proposal for you depending on your answers and then send you a link to book in for our first garden session or call.

What if I want to book additional sessions?

We will have 6 sessions together to create your mindful garden.  If you feel you need more time then additional sessions including Voxer support are charged at £147.

Your investment 

One-off payment of £597


2 x instalments of £298.50

Ready to create your mindful garden?

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