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How to feel calmer and happier using mindful gardening without having to figure it out alone.

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Mind in Bloom is an online mindful gardening programme is for women who struggle to switch off. Designed to help you start taking time for yourself every day in the garden so you can slow down and find headspace even when you’re short on time.

Would you like to bring more calm into your life? You’re constantly rushing to do things for other people, your boss, your partner, your kids and if you stop for even 5 minutes you feel like you’re wasting time and you should be doing something productive. You’ve worked through your lunch break for the 3rd time this week telling yourself ‘if I can just get it done, then I can relax’ while scoffing a sarnie at your desk.

You’re fed up of trying all the relaxation methods out there to have your good intentions tail off when life gets too busy. That meditation app has been sitting on your phone unopened for the last 6 weeks and no matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to join that online yoga class after work it always seems like too much effort to change into your workout gear when you’ve had yet another hectic day. But you're not sure what else you could be doing to find that headspace you're craving.

You wake up in the middle of the night, your mind racing with all the things you have to do and lie there for hours worrying about EVERYTHING! The next morning you feel even more destroyed than you did when you flopped into bed last night. When will it end?

You thought you’d try some gardening to help you switch off. But there's so much conflicting information out there you don't know where to start.

Before I joined Mind in Bloom I struggled to switch off my running mind.

However since I started working with Kendall I have learnt how to use gardening to give myself something else to focus on and help to my mind to calm.

 I started seeing results as soon as I received my first box containing a lovely plant and planted it in my garden. The most valuable feature of the programme is the simple instructions and tips to turn the gardening activity into a mindful one.

 My biggest fear about joining Mind in Bloom that I was a terrible gardener and I wouldn’t be able to do anything properly. If you’re on the fence about joining I’d say do it!!

sUZANNE winter

What if you had a reason to take time out and find some headspace through gardening?

What if:

-You could take it one small step at a time.

-You could reconnect with yourself and find that calm whilst still scratching that itch of needing to feel productive.

-You took guilt-free time everyday in your garden to mindfully grow your flowers and food and created headspace and calm for yourself.

-You felt supported by like-minded women who understood the challenges faced by modern women and helped to raise them up to live more joyful, passionate lives too.

-You knew exactly how to reduce the feelings of overwhelm whenever they appeared and didn’t let them knock you off course.

-You felt productive, energised and happy after your time in the garden, proud of the haven you’re creating to relax in and the life you’ve created for yourself.

-You slept soundly and awoke feeling well-rested and excited to start a new day.

-You were relaxed and happy and this enhanced your relationships with your loved ones and your wider community.

What if this was your reality? Because guess what it can be!

When you give yourself permission to slow down and take time for yourself everyday. When you reconnect with yourself through your garden and find that headspace you allow your mind to bloom so you can start taking your power back.

This is important because as a woman you have so much power to help, grow and raise up other women simply by taking care of yourself first.

 If it sounds scary, if it feels bold, if you’re thinking it won’t work, it's because it goes against everything society tells us a woman deserves.

Which is exactly why I create Mind in Bloom and why you should join me inside it.

It’s time to start gently applying the brakes so you can start to slow down and give yourself a chance to breathe.

Before I joined Mind in Bloom I wasn’t enjoying my garden. I was uninspired, anxious and I didn’t know where to start.

But since I've started working with Kendall I have started to look forward to spending time in my garden. Each month I await my Mind in Bloom activity with excited anticipation.

For the first time I grew vegetables from seeds and felt confident enough to redesign our front garden. The most valuable feature of the programme is all the online content that Kendall provides. I have learnt so much from her live sessions.

 The well-being element of the programme has been invaluable; from small tips about engaging your senses in the garden to online yoga for gardeners.

 If you feel overwhelmed and anxious about your garden I would recommend joining this programme.

Zoe Hunter

Mind in Bloom was created by me Kendall Platt. I’m the mindful gardening coach who helps women who find it hard to switch off stop doing all the things they feel like they should be doing and take a moment to slow down through gardening.

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I am able to help because firstly, I know exactly what it's like to feel as though if you’re not busy, you’re wasting time when you could be doing something productive.

But because of my own experience finding ways to quickly create headspace that works for the modern woman I know that you don't need to change your entire lifestyle to make a difference in your life.

I know this because I've helped many clients start to ease off the accelerator, slow down and reconnect with themselves and their passion, just by taking small moments of time to work on their garden.

That’s why Mind in Bloom focuses on mindful gardening activities that take between 5 and 20 minutes a day because although over the last few months we have been forced to slow down physically, mentally we are busier than ever, and we are in serious need of a break.


I discovered Mind in Bloom during the first lockdown when my anxiety was off the scale and I was already struggling with depression, whilst then trying to juggle work and home schooling and life in general!

Since working with Kendall my anxiety has reduced from a 10 to a consistent 4 to 5 and my mood has lifted from 2 to around a 7. Working with Kendall has given me the confidence to try both mindfulness and gardening (which I’d never done before) and my self esteem has grown along with the seedlings from my monthly Mind in Bloom boxes!

 I now know that I deserve that “me time”. My self worth has increased, I feel more relaxed and fall asleep quicker at night and I’m more productive at work after my lunch break in the garden. I’ve also managed to reduce my anti anxiety medication!

 My garden has become my sanctuary. 

Clare stone

Here’s what your path to calm and happiness looks like:

Monthly 30 minute mindful gardening training to help you connect with your garden and Mother Nature so that you can slow down and switch off with ease

Learn to Plan, Sow, Grow and Harvest in your garden in these training sessions so that you feel calm and confident in your garden whilst you take guilt-free time for yourself and create a garden that you adore.


 🌷 We'll plan your garden space for maximum calm and relaxation so that you can confidently create your green sanctuary right outside your back door.
🌷 You'll learn how to start your seeds and bulbs off and grow them all the way to strong plants that look glorious in your garden and provide you with an abundance of delicious food to eat or flowers to bring indoors.
🌷 You'll be clear on how often to water them, feed them and how to keep them healthy without it feeling like another thing on your very long to do list.
🌷 You'll learn how to harvest your food, flowers and seeds so that you can grow the plants you love again next year.
🌷 You'll learn how to make flower bouquets to give as gifts, flower arrangements to bring the garden joy indoors and festive wreaths to adorn your front door in December.
🌷 You'll learn how to let your garden nourish you as you and it grow side by side throughout the growing season so that you can tap into calm whenever you need it.

Value: £1000

Monthly 30 minute mindset sessions to help you start to find more guilt-free time for you in your busy life.


The Personal Permission Blueprint- to help you begin to give yourself permission to slow the heck down.
The Right to Release Formula- so that you can release that which no longer serves you.
The Productive Planning Method- my tried and tested method for the busy modern woman, so that you can be more productive and have more energy.
The (Im)Perfect Persistence Model- so that you can maintain that regular time for you for years to come.

Value: £1000

2 x monthly 30 minute grow along sessions to practice your mindful gardening in a supportive environment

Live grow along sessions with me and the Mind in Bloom community so we can garden mindfully together and you can pick my brains on any gardening topic! 

Value: £2000

Monthly Mind in Bloom Boxes

A luxuriously wrapped mindful gardening activity sent to you in the post to help you get started in your garden slowly. Designed and packaged to feel like a real treat each month. Because you bloody deserve it!

Value: £200

Weekly accountability threads in our private Facebook community.

The reason Mind in Bloom works is because it's not one of those ‘pay your money and not take action’ programmes. At the start of the week you’ll let us know what your daily ‘time for you’ activities are and at the end of the week you’ll let us know how you got on. If you have a difficult week myself and the community will be there with encouraging words, support and practical tools to help you re-set the following week.

Value: Priceless

How much longer are you going to promise yourself  time for you and then not actually take it......

count me in 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Mind in Bloom is not a course, it's an online programme designed to help you, slow down and take more time for yourself through mindful gardening and to do it with more ease, in a way that fits into your life so that you can continue to take daily time for yourself for years to come.

This means that you will have weekly live calls available to you to help you actually start to take the time for yourself, learn mindful gardening skills to help you switch off and grow along sessions to help you practice your mindful gardening skills in a supportive environment where you can ask my advice.

You do not have to attend all the live grow along sessions however I do recommend attending the mindset and mindful gardening training. All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t attend live you can watch the replay which will be sent to you.

What areas/ subjects does your training cover?


🌱 Mindful garden planning
🌱 Mindful pruning

🌱 Mindful seed sowing in pots
🌱 Mindful direct seed sowing
🌱 Mindful potting on
🌱 Mindful planting out
🌱 Mindful bulb planting

🌱 Mindful watering
🌱 Mindful weeding
🌱 Mindful feeding

🌱 Mindful fruit and veg harvesting and storage
🌱 Mindful flower harvesting for a long vase life
🌱 Mindful floristry
🌱 Mindful seed harvesting

The Personal Permission Blueprint
🌱 Connecting with yourself, your loved ones and Mother Nature
🌱 The cost of not giving yourself permission to switch off
🌱 How be courageous and take time for yourself

The Right to Release Formula
🌱 The importance of rest to reduce stress
🌱 How to quiet your mind at 3am
🌱 How to create an effective mindful routine

The Productive Planning Method
🌱 How to protect your time and why you should
🌱 How to set healthy boundaries with yourself, loved ones and with work
🌱 How to increase your energy and productivity with mindful gardening

The (Im)Perfect Persistence Model
🌱 Overcoming perfectionism
🌱 The magic of peer support and accountability
🌱 Keeping yourself on track with effective goal setting

🌱 And so much more….

Do I get 1-2-1 time with Kendall?

Yes and no. There is no 1-2-1 time with me, unless you upgrade to the VIP option.Where you do get individual support is at the end of each training call where you bring a question and I will answer it for you. Yep, that's right for less than the price of a packet of seeds a day, you get 1-2-1 support on the training calls.

What coaching is provided?

Once a week you can come to a call to receive support from me on:Mindful gardening techniques (1 x call per month)Mindset and planning session (1 x call per month)Grow along sessions (2 x calls per month- 1 x flowers and 1 x fruit and vegetables)I recommend that you attend, alongside the mindset and mindful gardening coaching calls, at least 1 grow along month.

What is the commitment?

You can choose to join for 3 or 12 months. The 12 month option enables me to support you throughout an entire growing season in the garden to help you form a new healthy self-care practice that will support you for many years to come. It will also give you the time and space to learn the tools and techniques, put them in to practice, fall off the bandwagon and, without beating yourself up, get back on the horse with the support of me and others in the programme.

What days will the calls be on?

Calls will always be on a Wednesday at 1pm to help you get back on track if life has started getting in the way (as it’s likely to do!). If you cannot make a call live you will get a recording emailed to you. The recordings are also uploaded into our Private Facebook group for you to refer back to at any time.

How long will the calls be?

Allow for 30 minutes although these may be longer or shorter depending on the needs of those on the call.

Do I need a Facebook account to be part of Mind in Bloom?

All the training takes place on zoom and you will be emailed recordings of the calls if you miss them. However, the support and connection with other members of the programme in the Facebook group is what will help you to stick to your plan of daily time for yourself when life throws curveballs at you.


12 months of support


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3 months of support


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Pay monthly

£49  per month

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Upgrade  to VIP and you'll also get 1 x individual coaching session every 3 months with me, one for each season tailored to help you Plan, Sow, Grow and Harvest your individual garden so that you can create your peaceful oasis.

12 months of VIP support


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3 months of VIP support



Pay monthly VIP

£77 per month