You want to garden to improve your wellbeing but you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the gardening advice out there.

You'd love a simple system to follow that tells you what to do in the garden each month to benefit you and your garden and a way to track your progress.

Well look no further, my mindful gardening planner will help you to garden for your wellbeing without adding to the mental load.

Where you're at:

You’ve tried looking online for gardening advice and reading ALLLLL the books but you end up feeling more confused than when you started.

Right now you’ve already got so much going on in your life and you are feeling physically and emotionally exhausted so wrapping your brain around something else just feels impossible.

You feel like you never get any time for you, feel like you are doing a shite job at everything and your emotional resources are completely depleted.

But you feel a strong connection to Mother Nature, to grow things in the soil and harness the wellbeing boost it offers.

This planner will:

Give you a simple plan to care for your garden and your own wellbeing.

Help you to develop a mindful gardening routine that nurtures you as well as your green space.

Help you start to give yourself permission to take daily time for you without it feeling self indulgent.

Mean you no longer think ‘I don’t know what to do and when in my garden’.

Help you to feel seen and supported throughout your gardening for wellbeing journey.

How does it work:

This A5 diary combines the time management and mindful gardening tools that I’ve taught to tonnes of women to help them garden for their wellbeing regularly so that they feel happier, calmer and more confident both in their garden and life.

These are the tools I use myself every day to prioritise my wellbeing and still get all the work and life stuff done.

Included in the planner:

Monthly mindful gardening activities that are 5, 20 or 60 minutes long, so you can just choose one and get straight outside do the activity and feel the benefits. No more overthinking and asking, 'Should I plant my tomatoes outside now?' I’ll guide you through the growing season simply and clearly.

Checklists of which seeds to sow each month so we can sow and grow cut flowers and fruit and veg together as a community and keep track of them.

Daily pages including Time blocking section, Brain download section, Daily mindful gardening activity section.

Monthly review pages to help you keep track of what activities are working for you.

Detailed instructions on how to use the planner including my FLOTS framework to dial up the mindful experience while you garden.

Hello! I'm Kendall Platt, The Mindful Gardening Coach

I help women who want to get into gardening but struggle to find the time and headspace, to create their bespoke calming haven.

I’ve used my garden as a way to practice mindfulness and boost my wellbeing for the last 8 years and now I’m sharing my mindful gardening activities with you.

Engaging my FLOTS method as you complete the activities will allow you to notice increased mood and a sense of calm.

This planner will help you to find time and headspace to mindfully garden each day, know exactly what to do and what to sow in the garden each month, track how each of the activities make you feel and log your progress each month as the gardening year progresses.

With a selection of mindful gardening activities that are 5, 20 or 60 minutes long there really is something for even the busiest of women.

Born out of my purpose to impact the lives of more women than my 1 to 1 coaching work could ever reach.

This mindful gardening planner is the perfect companion for those looking to garden as a way to enhance their wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I get the pre-order price of £32 for?
The planner will be £32 until midnight on Monday 25th October OR when the first 200 planners have been sold, whichever is first. Then it will be the usual sale price of £35 + P&P which is £4.95. So get your order in quick!

When will I receive my planner?

The first batch of planners will be dispatched by 14th December- just in time for Christmas!

How much is postage?
P&P is £4.95.

Planners will be shipped by Royal Mail and we are beholden to their delivery times, so please allow 3-5 days for delivery once you have received dispatch confirmation.

Whilst they are not sent ‘signed for’ we do keep proof of posting so it can be located should it go astray.

I’m not based in the UK. Can I buy your planner?

Currently we only ship to the UK.

Why is the planner more expensive than a normal diary?

The planner not only includes daily pages to help you organise day to day life but also has monthly mindful gardening activities and monthly seed sowing pages to help you start to garden for your wellbeing. AND monthly review pages to help you track your progress.

How do I use the planner?

The planner includes a suggested way to use it, which is the way in which myself and my clients have created our own mindful gardening routine. But it's up to you how you choose to use your planner.

Can I return the planner if I don’t like it?

Please be advised we don’t accept returns so please be 100% sure before you purchase it.

How is the planner laid out?

The Mindful Gardening Planner is an A5 spiral bound planner packed with mindful gardening activities, organisational templates and seed sowing checklists for busy women who want to garden for their wellbeing but struggle to know where to start.

What’s inside:

 - 5, 20 and 60 minute Mindful Gardening activities specific to each month of the year
- Monthly seed sowing checklists
- Daily diary pages to help you organise your life and find some time to get in the garden each day
- Monthly review pages so you can track what activities are improving your wellbeing and schedule to do more of them.

Can I see inside the planner?

As this is the first year I have created the planner I am taking pre-orders before my designer puts the pages together.

However, I have recorded a series of Instagram lives to explain exactly what each page will contain and how you’ll use them to improve your wellbeing through gardening.

You can view these here:
Mindful Gardening activity pages
Seed sowing Checklists
Daily pages and Monthly review
General Q&A

My planner hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Firstly, check you have allowed enough time for dispatch and delivery. Please refer to Q2 and Q3 for details of estimated delivery dates.

If you have checked this and believe your planner should have arrived by now please email including the following information:

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Please note my working hours are Monday and Friday 9-11.30 and Tuesday- Thursday 9-2.45 so if you email out of these hours you may need to wait for a response.

I’ve purchased a planner but I haven’t received email confirmation.

Send us an email, but first please read the following information.

Here are some of the common reasons you may not have received your email confirmation:

 - You have, it’s just hiding in your spam folder.

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Please email us and we will sort it out for you.

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