Come and let me spoil you at my Mindful Gardening Retreat

A retreat to get you gardening with more confidence so that your garden can become a place to relax and find calm.

The mindful gardening retreat is for you if:

🌱   You’ve been under a lot of pressure this last year and you want to have a day doing something just for you.

🌱   You love being outside amongst nourishing Mother Nature but you'd love to feel more confident in what you're doing in the garden.

🌱   You want to make sure you're getting maximum relaxation with the time you have available to garden (which isn't very much!)

🌱   You don't want your precious time spent gardening to go to waste because you're second guessing yourself at every turn.

🌱   You'd love to spend a day with like-minded women learning how to garden confidently and in a way that benefits you as well as your plants.

🌱   You'd love to feel really looked after, because god knows you've done enough care giving this year.

It's your turn my darling.

What’s included in the mindful gardening retreat?

🌷  We'll plan your garden space for maximum calm and relaxation so that you can confidently create your green sanctuary right outside your back door.

🌷   You'll learn how to start your seeds off and grow them all the way to strong plants that look glorious in your garden or provide you with an abundance of delicious food to eat.

🌷   You'll be clear on how often to water them, feed them and how to keep them healthy without it feeling like another thing on your very long to do list.

🌷   You'll learn how to let your garden nourish you as you and it grow side by side throughout the growing season so that you can tap into calm whenever you need it.

🌷   Including a healthy lunch, a written guide for you to refer back to and seeds and plants to take away with you so you can continue your mindful gardening journey in your own garden.

Please note: Places are limited due to Covid.

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Outline of the day:

10-10.30 Arrival and refreshments
10.30-11.30 How to plan your mindful garden
11.30-12.30 Mindful seed sowing
12.30-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Mindful seedling care
14.00-15:00 Mindful ongoing plant care
15:00-15.30 Tea break
15.30-16:00 Gardening Q&A (ask me anything about gardening)

Friday 6th August, Sunday 8th August
Sunday 26th September, Sunday 12th September

Near Reading, Berkshire (Full address provided on booking)

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