Mindful gardening hour to help you switch off in your garden

Stuck not knowing how to use gardening to switch off your busy brain quickly?
Let's come up with a plan together.

A mindful gardening hour session is for you if:

- You’re brand new to mindful gardening and you don’t know where to start
- Your garden isn’t helping you to feel calmer and you don’t know what to do to switch off easily in it
- You’re short on time and you want to be able to switch off in your garden quickly with methods you can put into practice
 straight away
- You need new mindful gardening ideas to help you find headspace in your garden and get you back on track to a calmer
 happier you.
- You struggle to find the time to get out in your garden to garden mindfully
- You already garden but you want to learn how to make your activities more mindful

What’s the one thing you need help with right now?

Most power hours are based on 1 of the 3 ways I can help you find calm in your garden:

1 . Taking time in your garden without feeling guilty
You want to take more time for you to switch off in your garden BUT you feel guilty every time you go to do it.

Dedicate your power hour to getting rid of the guilt and devising a plan that gets you out in your garden everyday, even when you only have 5 minutes.

2. Planning to help you take time in your garden
You tell yourself you are going to get in your garden to find some headspace and give your busy brain a break, but life always seems to get in the way.

We’ll use your power hour to come up with ways to simplify your current situation and ensure you get that time outside in the garden daily even if it's only 5 minutes.

3. Mindful gardening activities
You want to make your gardening more mindful but you don’t know where to start. There’s so much conflicting advice out there and you don’t know what will work in your garden.

Focusing on 2 mindful gardening activities during our time together, whether that's learning how to prune your roses for maximum relaxation, sow your seeds for calm or mindfully plan your garden for maximum harvests and headspace. We’ll set you up with a plan of 5-20 minute mindful gardening activities to get you finding calm in your garden.

Choose from:

Mindful garden planning         Mindful pruning  Mindful seed sowing             Mindful potting on  Mindful planting out               Mindful watering   Mindful feeding           Mindful seed harvesting   Mindful weeding             Mindful bulb planting

Pick one way and get answers and a plan to help you for just £97

What's included in the mindful gardening hour?

- One x 1 hour coaching session where we look at what’s stopping you from getting started in your garden and create a plan to
   get you out there and gardening to switch off.

- You can choose from:

 Taking time in your garden without feeling guilty- how to quieten the guilt and get that time for you in your garden

 Planning to help you take time in your garden- relieving some of the pressure and simplifying your day so you can find that time to garden for calm

 Mindful gardening activities- choose 2 from my full range of unique mindful gardening activities to learn during the session

- Notes taken during our session together as well as any resources to help you on your mindful gardening journey

- A recording of our session and a clear action plan for after the call.

Your mindful gardening hour with me costs just £97


What happens after I book?

- You’ll receive an email with a link to book in your mindful gardening hour and a questionnaire to complete so I
know exactly what you want to focus on during our time together.
- We’ll have our session in which we’ll look at what’s stopping you from getting that time in your garden to switch off and create a plan together to move you forward
- After our session I'll send you my notes, your action plan and any resources to help you on your mindful gardening journey.

Are you ready for your mindful gardening hour?

Your investment in your health and happiness £97


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mindful gardening hour for me?
They are for anyone who is starting out with mindful gardening but doesn't know where to start, feels overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and just wants a clear plan of action to get them gardening mindfully.

I’ve been where you are, made all the mistakes and now I want to share my experiences with you to help you develop your own mindful gardening practice.

Can I book more than one mindful gardening hour with you throughout the growing season?
No, they are designed to be one off sessions to help you with a specific problem.

If you’d like additional ongoing support in a group environment throughout the growing season then my Mind in Bloom group programme is ideal.

Or if you’d prefer bespoke individual support from me then Time to Bloom is for you.

Got a question? Email me at kendall@adventureswithflowers.com