Mindful gardening hour 

Ditch the overwhelm and sprinkle your own miracle growing companion over your garden.

A mindful gardening hour session is for you if:

- Your garden could be SOMETHING SPECIAL - but you’re baffled by borders and what to plant where.

- Oh if your garden only had some colour and joie de vivre, the Winter months would be so much more bearable. But what could possibly brave the seasons in your little patch of heaven?

-You’ve been pulling your hair out over that seemingly unsolveable gardening condundrum - how do I stop the slugs destroying my cherished dahlias?

-You’ve tried and tried to get that beautiful heirloom rose to bloom in your garden, but she persistently looks depressed - and it’s getting you down.

-You want to grow a mindful gardening practice, to soothe the rough edges of your day and give you a sanctuary to escape to.

-You have so many burning questions about gardening - it ‘aint easy being green (fingered) after all - and they’re now keeping you up at night.

After our mindful gardening hour session together:

- You now have a growing sanctuary in your garden to soothe your soul in between those frustrating Zoom calls (yes Sarah, you are on mute, again).

- Your friends keep asking if they can pop round for tea, as your garden is such a haven - and they can’t quite believe you managed to form a plan for this paradise in just 1 hour!

- You’re excited about that special occasion coming up because your cut flower patch is blooming and is going to make THE MOST unforgettable arrangement to gift.

-You're practically salivating at the thought of all the delicious fruit and veg you're going to be harvesting and the money you'll be saving at the supermarket.

What’s the one thing you need help with right now?

Most power hours are based on 1 of the 3 ways I can help you garden for your wellbeing:

1 . Helping you create a planting plan for one border or raised bed
Perhaps you want to start growing your own veg or one of your borders really needs sorting but you don't know where to start.

Dedicate your power hour to working on your dream planting plan incorporating elements of wellbeing garden design and plants for mindfulness so that you can go ahead and create the border of your dreams with confidence and clarity.

2. Support with a specific garden related problem
No matter how many times you've tried you cannot just get a particular plant to grow, perhaps your struggling with getting consistent harvests of your fruit and veggies or you want to be able to grow cut flowers to make bouquets but you don't know what different plants to grow.

We’ll use your power hour to gain clarity around the issues you've been having, come up with solutions to your problem and create a plan for you to move forward with to fix it once and for all.

3. Creating a mindful gardening plan for your specific garden
You're time poor but you want to be able to garden for your wellbeing in what little time you do have.

Focusing on creating a plan to get you gardening mindfully in your specific garden every month of the year so that your plants are healthy and you are too.

Pick one way and get answers and a plan to help you for just £97

What's included in the mindful gardening hour?

- One x 1 hour coaching session where we look at your chosen topic and come up with solutions and a plan to get you gardening for your wellbeing.

- You can choose from:

 🌱  Helping you create a planting plan for one border or raised bed
 🌱  Support with a specific garden related problem
 🌱  Creating a mindful gardening plan for your specific garden

- Notes taken during our session together as well as any resources to help you on your mindful gardening journey

- A recording of our session and a clear action plan for after the call.

Your mindful gardening hour with me costs just £97


What happens after I book?

- You’ll receive an email with a link to book in your mindful gardening hour and a questionnaire to complete so I know exactly what you want to focus on during our time together.

- We’ll have our 60 minute session together where we will brainstorm ideas and create a plan together to help you move forward.

- After our session I'll send you my notes, your action plan and any resources to help you on your mindful gardening journey.

Are you ready for your mindful gardening hour?

Your investment in your health and happiness £97


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mindful gardening hour for me?
They are for anyone who wants to garden for their wellbeing but doesn't know where to start, feels overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and just wants a clear plan of action to get them gardening mindfully.

I’ve been where you are, made all the mistakes and now I want to share my experiences with you to help you develop your own mindful gardening practice.

Can I book more than one mindful gardening hour with you throughout the growing season?
No, they are designed to be one off sessions to help you with a specific problem.

If you’d like additional ongoing support in a group environment throughout the growing season then join The Mindful Gardening Club.

Or if you’d prefer bespoke, ongoing individual support from me then Create a Mindful Garden is for you.

Got a question? Email me at kendall@adventureswithflowers.com