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7 best gardening subscription boxes: Make the most of windowsills, balconies and outside space

This box’s emphasis on mindfulness and mental wellbeing is what we all need during this time of heightened stress. Founder Kendall set it up last year after finding solace in gardening while pregnant and chronically anxious.

Each pack contains a destressing gardening activity – usually plants, seeds or bulbs – along with any additional supplies you might need, such as twine and a wooden marker. You only get one species per month (we got white acidanthera corms), which we appreciated as it felt much less overwhelming to receive than the boxes with multiple varieties to sow or plant up.

Clear instructions are delivered in a friendly, non-patronising tone that encourages you to garden in a way that feels calming. Subscribers get access to a Facebook group and online videos for guidance, community and support – a thoughtful touch that’ll be particularly appreciated during social distancing.

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5 mental health lessons we've learned in lockdown

But while I’m gardening, my mind is quiet and focused. It allows me to find calm when I’m feeling panicked and overwhelmed, and helps me to maintain a healthy mindset. So when life throws things at me, which it always will, I’m in a better place to be able to deal with them. It has helped me rebuild my self-confidence after redundancy and been my constant through the unsteady period of new motherhood. I used to feel like a failure for struggling with my mental health but my garden has enabled me to feel proud of myself again.


Moving forward, my motto is ‘little and often’. I plan to do small gardening activities every day after my little girl is in bed. I'm going to set myself small achievable goals, like weed the front border or sow a tray of seeds, and then celebrate my achievement when I’ve done it.

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Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Shopping small and independent is something that is hugely important to me, both in my personal life but also through my business too. So I am incredibly excited to share the Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums Christmas gift guide for 2020. Happy Shopping!

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