Guest Features

I write for many guest blogs, publications and have been interviewed on National TV and local radio, sharing my knowledge and expertise on gardening for wellbeing and self-care.

If you would like me to write for you, to interview me or include my comments or view in your piece please get in touch here.

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From gardening to pole dance – alternative forms of exercise for people who hate the gym



Here’s How We Can We Reap the Mental and Emotional Benefits of Plants


5 ways to boost your wellbeing through gardening this Spring


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4 Ways Successful People Tackle Monday Mornings


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7 beautiful foods to plant in your garden


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How Gardening Became A Wellness Practice



OutNews Global | The world's most fabulous LGBTQ online magazine.


Self care is all the rage, but what does it actually mean? 


I joined Dermot and Alison live on This Morning to talk about the wellbeing benefits of gardening mindfully naked to celebrate World Naked Gardening day.


Kendall has appeared as a mindful gardening expert on Marlow FM, Future Radio and BBC Radio Kent discussing how gardening can help us to switch off our busy minds and find calm.


Kendall has been interviewed on the following podcasts:

1 in 4: Talking mental health with Abby Lacey & friends

 Pathway to Purpose by Hannah Manning: Sowing the Seeds of hope

The Burnout Brigade podcast: How to use gardening to recover from stress and a toxic workplace