I’m on a mission to help women stop doing all the things they feel they should be doing and instead take a moment to slow down through gardening. 

I am available for speaking gigs and panel slots to support media and corporate events, as well as guest slots in relevant membership communities to spread the message that gardening is the gateway to a calmer, happier life.

We all live our lives at 100 miles an hour and very rarely take the time to slow down, acknowledge the things that are happening day to day and how we feel about them.

This leads to us feeling overworked, stressed and in some instances completely burnt out.

But it can be hard to switch off our busy brains.  Mindful gardening allows us to do just that by moving our focus to a gardening activity, allowing us to find that ever elusive headspace.

I hand on heart believe that the way to stop people from hurtling towards a mental health crisis is to get them gardening. Traditionally viewed as a retirement pastime I’m here to shake up that stereotype and ‘make gardening cool’!

So whether its running a live mindful gardening workshop so your attendees can experience the benefits for themselves or delivering an inspiring keynote to busy women on how gardening can fit into their already hectic life and enhance it, I’m the speaker for you.

Speaking topic examples include:

How to find calm in your garden (in just 20 minutes a day) Giving you simple tools and methods to enable you to craft your daily mindful gardening practice to support your mental wellbeing.

How your garden can help you slow down and switch off Dispelling the myth that gardening’s just for grannies and how as a modern woman tending to your garden can help you find headspace, calm and confidence.

Geared more towards business audiences:

Mindful gardening: reduce stress and re-energise A series of short methods and exercises that can be done on your lunch break to help you reduce stress and re-energise for a more productive afternoon.

I am happy to create bespoke talks and workshops tailored to your specific needs and the message you need to leave your audience with. If you’d like to discuss this further please complete this form.

Why book me?

🌱 I’m an established speaker having presented to hundreds of solicitors, barristers and scientists in my previous career as a business development manager for a forensic science company and prior to that as a forensic scientist.

🌱 This means that i’m very used to being asked tough questions, crafting my answer on the spot and ensuring there is evidence to support my opinions and methods.

🌱 I’m at home on a stage having performed for most of my life as a singer and musical theatre actress. This allows for an impassioned and inspiring delivery that engages the audience and helps them to retain the key message of the talk.

🌱 The methods I teach are an unusual but much needed addition to the wellbeing space and there is no one else out there teaching them in the way that I do.

🌱 As you can see from my sample topics I am able to deliver my message from different viewpoints. However I make a point of crafting a proposal for your specific event to ensure that the needs of your audience and yourselves are met.

🌱 I've been where many of your audience are now- on the brink of a breakdown because they can’t switch off. So I can deliver the message with empathy and lived experience behind me.

Contact me today to find out how I can bring some of my unique energy and self care methods to your event.