12 week mindful gardening coaching for busy women who struggle to switch off

Its your
time to bLOOM

A 12 week individual coaching programme taking you from struggling to switch off to calm and connected whilst still getting stuff done.

You deserve to rest

I see you. You’re doing all the things for all the people, never taking a moment to rest.

You lie awake at night, your mind racing with everything you have to do the next day.

If by some miracle you manage to carve out some time for you, you struggle to quiet your busy mind and feel so guilty for resting that you give up.

You want to stop doing all the things you feel like you should be doing and slow down.

You booked onto a yoga class but it seemed like such an effort to get changed and find an hour to actually do the class that you didn’t book again.

You tried meditation but your mind was whirring at such a rate that it felt impossible to do so you deleted the app from your phone.

‘Busy’ is your default state and you feel that because you have so much to do right now, taking time for yourself is self-indulgent and just not feasible.

You’d love to switch off in your garden but there is so much information out there that it feels like a whole job in itself to figure out where to start.

What if everything you’ve tried so far is actually getting in the way of you taking time for yourself to switch off?

What if the methods you think will work are actually taking you further away from calm, connection and happiness?

What if:

- You actually got out in your garden every day without feeling guilty?

- You knew exactly what you were doing in the garden and when to do it?

- You could start to reconnect with yourself and find some calm in your life and
   still scratch that itch of needing to feel productive?

- You felt calmer, happier and more in control of your life?

- You felt more connected with those around you and had deeper, more
   meaningful relationships?

Let’s turn those ‘ifs’ into your reality right now

Over our 12 weeks together you will learn to grow the five crucial elements that create calm through mindful gardening everyday:

If you don’t allow yourself to switch off, it will never happen.

We’ll look at connection with Mother Nature, yourself and those around you. We’ll also get clear on the Cost of not giving yourself permission and the courage to continue to give yourself permission when you get pushback from those around you.

You are under A LOT of pressure right now and that will not be helping your very busy brain.

We’ll start to use practical tools, understand how the use of routine can help to relieve the pressure and learn about different ways to rest your brain that don’t involve sitting doing nothing!

A good plan helps to ensure you actually take time for yourself, even if its only 5 minutes.

We’ll look at methods you can use to protect your time, the perimeters you need to set with yourself and others and how factoring in daily time for you is possible with the right tools in place.

Sticking at something is the hardest thing to achieve when life gets tough right?

We’ll dive deep on perfectionism, why peer support is so key to ensuring you take regular time to switch off and what to do if life gets hectic (which it will) and your healthy habits go by the wayside (which they will).

Planting and growing your own produce mindfully, whether it be food or flowers, helps to grow your self confidence as well as allowing you that headspace and calm every time you step out of your back door.

We’ll adapt my mindful gardening techniques so that they work for your growing space in order to create a bespoke mindful gardening plan for you so you can garden to switch off all year round.

Time to Bloom is a 12 week individual coaching programme that will set you up with a plan to take more time to switch off in your garden.

It’s run by me, Kendall Platt, The Mindful Gardening Coach

I help women who struggle to switch off stop doing all the things they feel they should be doing and instead take a moment to slow down through gardening.

Over the last two years I’ve supported over 100 busy women through individual coaching, my group programme as well as in-person and online workshops and they’ve experienced incredible results:

- Given themselves time everyday to switch off guilt free

- Fall asleep quicker at night

- Grown their self esteem

- Feel less anxious

- Feel more confident in themselves and their gardens

- Have deeper relationships with their kids, partner and their

- Feel confident to set and hold boundaries at work, home and
   with themselves

- Feel happier and stronger

Now its your turn

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How do you know I’m the right coach for you?

Well firstly, you’re here reading this. That’s a good sign you know you need support and you’ve come to someone who has experience getting you the results you’ve seen others achieve.

I’m also going to be the perfect fit for you if:

🌱   You're ready to show yourself more kindness

I work best with those women who know they need to be kinder to themselves but have been struggling to know how to make that happen. If this is you, I can help.

🌱   You celebrate women and their unique voices

I will advocate wholeheartedly for you and your right to live a passionate, joyful life and encourage you to grow plants that YOU love to create a space that's just for you.

🌱   You value freedom and know that taking action will get you there

I will provide you with the tools and support to learn, be inspired by and grow through connecting with yourself, Mother Nature and your garden. But your action is what will get you living that freedom filled, joyful life.

🌱   You want to work with someone whos been where you are

I will teach you the lessons from my own story and share my own journey because it's important that you see there is no perfect’ way to do this thing called life.

Before I started working with Kendall I wanted to do more in my garden but I wasn’t sure where to start and just felt overwhelmed.

I was worried that I wasn't a very conscientious or responsible gardener. I don’t have a very good track record of successfully growing seeds and plants. But I feel my confidence is growing and as a 'doer' who struggles with relaxation activities like meditation, mindful gardening is a great way to start slowing down.

With Kendall’s help I have created a more regular gardening routine where I try and do at least one thing in the garden every day. I have broken down my gardening activities into more bite size and manageable chunks and with access to Kendall’s suite of mindful gardening activities I have a clear list of activities that benefit me and my garden.

Louisa Daubney

Here’s how it works

During our time together we'll cover:

Giving yourself permission

Connection- after exploring Mother Nature and the way she uses connection to thrive you’ll be reconnected with yourself and have deeper relationships with your loved ones.

Cost- you’ll be super clear on the cost of not giving yourself permission to slow down, how it affects you and those closest to you and how you can start to release the guilt you feel when you rest.

Courage- you’ll be brimming with courage after this session and have clear ways to stay bold in pursuit of what you want even when you get pushback from others.

Releasing the pressure

Rest- you’ll have a suite of bespoke activities you can use to lower your stress levels that don’t include sitting still and clearing your mind (because I know you struggle with that) and a clear plan to make sure they happen.

Recording- you’ll get a selection of organisational tools to help you clear your busy mind of all that's in there taking up space plus you’ll be really clear on how you can use them to be more productive.

Routine- once we’ve dug deep into your daily routine and streamlined it, you’ll have a unique plan that incorporates daily mindful moments to help you find calm whilst you get stuff done.

Planning your day to include time for you

Protection- you’ll be really clear on how to protect your time for you whilst still doing all the things you need to do.

Perimeters- you’ll have clear boundaries with yourself and those around you which will free you up to take that daily time for you.

Per diem- you’ll get a selection of simple and quick mindful gardening activities to try out daily so that you'll have more energy to get things done.

How to be persistent and consistent when it comes to taking time to switch off

Perfectionism- you’ll be starting to embrace the imperfect way of life and letting go of trying to control everything, especially when it comes to your garden as Mother Nature rules ok?

Peer support- you’ll have different ways to create accountability for yourself with family and friends, and a plan to put them into place.

Perusal- life is going to chuck things at you that you weren't expecting. You’ll have created the habit of a weekly check in with yourself and set some goals to keep you persistent in your daily time for you.

How to switch off productively

Mindful gardening techniques- you’ll get my full range of mindful gardening techniques in a written format and as a video of our weekly mindful gardening lessons for you to refer back to so that you can switch off that constantly whirring brain of yours and feel calmer and happier.

Including: Mindful garden planning, mindful pruning, mindful seed sowing (direct and in pots), mindful potting on, mindful planting out, mindful watering, mindful feeding, mindful weeding, mindful seed harvesting, mindful bulb planting, mindful floristry.

Support from me to start to create your mindful gardening sanctuary right outside your back door- Whether its garden design ideas or suggestions of what to grow for maximum wellbeing benefit, i'll be there to offer advice and guidance.

Help in creating your mindful gardening plan- you’ll have individual support from me to decide on the techniques and activities that fit into your life and garden as we create your unique mindful gardening plan. You’ll be able to refer back to this each growing season going forward.

Where you’re at right now

If you’re ready for coaching with me then you’re ready to hear that the only thing holding you back right now is yourself. Whether it’s fear of judgement, belief in yourself or the reasons behind you not giving yourself permission to switch off - I’ve got you!

If you don’t act now, you’ll be 6 months further down the line still trying to make time for yourself and not managing it, still struggling to switch off your whirring brain and in all likelihood on the edge of burnout.
Let me help you prevent that from happening.

At every step of the way, we’ll explore the things getting in your way and I’ll teach you practical tools and ways to change your thinking to help you get that guilt free daily time to switch off.

Time to Bloom is for you if:

- You tried meditation but you found it too noisy with your own thoughts.

- You don’t want to have to get changed into your yoga gear to find a bit of calm.

- You’d like to try growing some things to strengthen your connection with Mother Nature (who’s a bold, audacious, kickass
   modern woman by the way)

- You want something that will fit into your hectic daily life.

- You’re fed up of feeling overwhelmed and like life is living you.

- You want to slow down and stop wearing busy like it's a badge of honour.

I discovered Kendall and her mindful gardening coaching during the first lockdown when my anxiety was off the scale and I was already struggling with depression, whilst then trying to juggle work and home schooling and life in general!

Since working with Kendall my anxiety has reduced from a 10 to a consistent 4 to 5 and my mood has lifted from 2 to a 7.
She gave me the confidence to try both mindfulness and gardening (which I’d never done before) and my self esteem has grown along with my seedlings!!

I was worried that I would struggle to allow myself time just for me, but Kendall has taught me that I deserve that “me time”. My self worth has increased, I feel more relaxed and fall asleep quicker at night and I’m more productive at work after my lunch break in the garden. I’ve also managed to reduce my anti anxiety medication!

I’ve created a seating area and even bought a cold frame. My garden has become my sanctuary.

If you’re unsure about working with Kendall I’d say just do it and follow her advice because she knows what she’s talking about, mindful gardening really does work!

Clare Stone

Here’s what your 12 week Time to Bloom journey with me looks like:

12 x one hour one-to-one online coaching calls

Each call will consist of 30 minutes of mindset and planning work to help you start taking more time for you and 30 minutes of mindful gardening so you have techniques ready to go when you do take that time for you.

All our sessions will be recorded and sent to you to refer back to whenever you need to.

Every coaching session will leave you with clear action steps to take, and accountability check-ins via WhatsApp to ensure you get to your goal of more time for you.


Worksheets and playbooks

Take my techniques and implement them for yourself, including my unique Monthly Mindful Gardening activities and detailed Mindful Gardening How to methods.

Now Its Your Turn 

Time to Bloom investment: 

One-off payment of £997


3 x instalments of £387

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