Who do I work with?

You’re here because you want to improve your mood and wellbeing through gardening.

‘Busy’ is your default state and you feel as though you have so much to do, that taking time for yourself is self- indulgent and simply not feasible right now.

You like the idea of getting into gardening, but there is so much information out there that it feels like a whole job in itself to figure out where to start.

If this sounds like you, I’m here to help.

I love to work with time-poor women who want to create a green space that nourishes them but are looking for someone to ask and guide them as they learn to grow.

The world of gardening is full of so much advice and knowledge that it can feel overwhelming, paralysing and like creating a nurturing space will take time that you just don’t have.

I can help you create a garden that will make your mind, body and soul sing in small pockets of time that I’ll help you find no matter how busy your life is.

I work with women who:

- Are brand new to gardening and have no idea where to start

- Have given gardening a go but find themselves constantly second guessing if they are doing the right thing

- Are established gardeners who want to make their gardening more of a wellbeing practice and to stop feeling overwhelmed by their green space.

Wherever you’re at, I’m here to help.

I have 3 ways of working with women who want to garden for wellness:

1. Create a mindful garden

Create a mindful garden is a 6 week individual coaching programme taking you from garden chaos to garden calm

1. We will meet in your garden for 6 sessions and I’ll break the down process of creating your green oasis into manageable steps and be there right alongside you to help you make it a reality.

2. As we garden together you will learn how to take care of your green space and allow it to nurture you via mindful gardening activities that will help you find calm quickly for those days when you only have 5 minutes.

3. At the end of our 6 weeks you will be calmer, happier and regularly taking guilt-free time for you in your garden with a clear mindful gardening plan that fits into your busy life and a garden that you’re proud of.

Find out more about Create a mindful garden

2. Mindful Gardening hour

A mindful gardening hour session is for you if:

-You already have a garden and you need an outsiders view to really add some impact

-You have a border or particular area of the garden that needs changing but you’ve no idea where to start

-You want to come up with a planting plan for a new or existing border or raised bed

-You want to bring some colour and life to your garden for winter in pots but you don’t know what plants will survive the cold

-You have a specific gardening related problem that you need my advice on

-You’ve tried and tried to grow a particular plant in your garden but no matter what you do it looks really unhappy

-You want help creating a mindful gardening plan for your specific garden

Find out more about A Mindful Gardening Hour

3. The Mindful Gardening Planner

You'd love a simple system to follow that tells you what to do in the garden each month to benefit you and your garden and a way to track your progress.

Well look no further, my mindful gardening planner will help you to garden for your wellbeing without adding to the mental load.

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Not ready for 1 to 1 support just now?

Check out The Mindful Gardening Club, my signature course and community that's perfect for you if you're at the start of your gardening for wellbeing journey and  want to surround yourself with like-minded women improving their wellbeing through gardening and floristry.

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