How to start a mindful garden: A year of bespoke garden coaching (£2189 upfront or 12 x monthly payments of £249)

How to start a mindful garden: A year of bespoke garden coaching (£2189 upfront or 12 x monthly payments of £249)

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Are you struggling to know what needs to be done in your garden?

Would you like to learn what to do and when, to benefit you as well as your plants?

If so you need my How to start a mindful garden: A year of bespoke garden coaching.

In our sessions you’ll learn how to care for your garden AND yourself with my mindful gardening techniques. Including how to plan your garden, seed sowing, feeding, watering and pruning your plants and much, much more.

PLUS during our time together you’ll create your unique mindful gardening plan so you'll know exactly what to do and when going forward.


Here’s what we’ll cover in our sessions:


🗓   Get to know your garden

🗓   What equipment and tools you will need

🗓   How to improve your soil

🗓   What plants should you choose

🗓  How to design your space


🌱  Seed sowing to benefit your mind

🌱  How to make more plants for free

🌱  Mindful bulb planting to find calm


🌿  Planting your plants but make it mindful

🌿  How and when to water your plants

🌿  What should you feed your plants and how often

🌿  Different types of weeds and how to remove them mindfully.


🌾  How to harvest fruit and vegetables

🌾  Saving seeds for next year

🌾  Harvesting your flowers and how to make them last longer in arrangements

🌾  Storing bulbs and tubers over winter

🌾  Mindful pruning

About Kendall

Kendall Platt is a mindful gardening coach who helps women learn to grow their own food and flowers as a way to stay mentally healthy.  She studied social and therapeutic horticulture and cut flower farming and has been growing her own flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit mindfully for 8 years.

During this time, Kendall has developed her gardening for relaxation methods to help her manage her anxiety through many stressful situations including redundancy, workplace bullying and new motherhood.  This means she can find calm through gardening in minutes.

Kendall has taught her mindful gardening techniques to hundreds of women through her subscription box Mind in Bloom, her workshops and bespoke coaching.  Now she’s sharing the methods she’s used to help these women through challenging times in their lives – so you can find the headspace you deserve and reconnect with you.

How to start a mindful garden: A year of bespoke garden coaching is for you if:

🌱  You have never grown any plants before and you have no idea where to start.

🌱  Your garden is a complete blank canvas and you don’t know where to begin.

🌱  Your garden is full of plants but you don’t know how to look after them.

🌱  Your garden is really overgrown and you don’t know what to tackle first.

🌱  You garden in containers or pots and you need some help to maximise your growing space.

🌱  You want to learn to garden for your mind.



How much is the year of bespoke coaching?

Paid up front the total cost is £2189 for the year.  Or you can spread the cost and pay £249 each month for 12 months. 

Paying upfront saves you £799 across the year.

What does the coaching include?

1 hour per month of online coaching with me via zoom.

Whatsapp support throughout the month as you implement what you have learnt in our sessions together.

The full suite of my mindful gardening techniques that can be practiced any time to help you find calm and to keep your garden healthy.

Your complete bespoke mindful gardening plan that we will create together during our sessions and you will add to during your implementation time.

What does the coaching not include?

Your gardening supplies and equipment. 

In-person coaching or travel time.

How will the coaching be delivered?

The coaching will take please on zoom.  You will be sent full instructions of how to download zoom and also a link to book into my calendar for your first session once you have paid for your coaching.

Do you offer refunds?

Please be advised that I don’t offer refunds so please read the description carefully and book an enquiry call to discuss any questions you have so we can make sure you’re making the right decision for you.

What happens next?

Once you have paid for your package you will receive an email containing a questionnaire for you to complete.

I will review your questionnaire and then send you a link to book in for our first call.