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Mind in Bloom Box
Mind in Bloom Box
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Mind in Bloom Box
Mind in Bloom Box
Mind in Bloom Box
Mind in Bloom Box

Mind in Bloom Box

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I know how it feels to be overtaken by so much anxiety that your head feels like it might explode. 

It wasn’t until I started investing my time in my garden and allowed myself to be present in the moment that everything changed. 

Not only did it quiet my ever running brain (so needed), but more importantly it helped me believe in myself and build my confidence back up again.

Would YOU like to feel proud of yourself and grow your confidence by creating a garden bursting with life?

But your anxiety makes you feel like a failure and tells you you’ll get it all wrong.

Well, what if I told you I was going to be there every step of the way as your online gardening coach to help you achieve your peaceful haven and experience the healing powers of nature.

A 12 month Mind in bloom box subscription will leave you feeling confident and proud of your growing abilities and with a garden border full to the brim with flowers.

How it works:

  1. Specially curated plants, bulbs or seeds and accompanying equipment, luxuriously packaged will be delivered straight to your door every month as a real treat for you to open and enjoy growing.
  2. Included in your little slice of luxury is a ‘recipe’ card to guide you through the process of growing your flowers mindfully and give you permission for some time to yourself.
  3. Head to our exclusive Facebook community to be led through bite sized 10 minute simple demonstration videos to show you mindful gardening activities such as, Seed sowing, Planting out your plants, Planting bulbs, Watering, Feeding, Seed saving plus many more.
  4. I’ll be in the group everyday as your online gardening coach answering questions, sharing mindful gardening ideas and tips from my garden so we can grow together.

A 12 month subscription is available for best value, but why not try it out first with a one month trial?

Subscribe today and let's make your tranquil retreat a reality and find you that headspace.

    Important Info

    £1 from each Mind in Bloom box sold goes to Mental Health Mates.

    Buy selecting 'ongoing' you are agreeing to be charged £24.99 on the 11th of each month until you cancel your subscription.

    Boxes are despatched monthly, so your first box will be despatched by the 4th of the following month, and can take up to 3 days to be delivered via Royal Mail.

    N.B. Flowers grown may differ from those shown in images. 

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