Struggling to switch off and take time for yourself?

Stop doing all the things you feel you should be doing and instead take a moment to slow down through gardening

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You know you need to find a way to bring some calm into your life but...

How would you feel if you could.....


Give yourself permission to slow down using my mindful gardening techniques designed for the modern woman and not feel guilty about it.


Switch off your ever running brain as you discover the wonder of Mother Nature and reconnect with yourself to find calm and headspace.


Learn my bitesized step by step methods focusing on one technique at a time as we garden and grow together.

Before I attended the 'How to start a cut flower patch for a healthy mind' masterclass with Kendall I was struggling to switch off.

Now my mind is quiet after using the mindful gardening techniques I learnt in the class. PLUS I feel confident that I know what I'm doing and really proud of the garden I'm creating.


Why me?

Introducing.... Mind in Bloom


Kendall has helped me change my attitude towards gardening. Not only has she given me an extra room in our house but she's made me feel better mentally and helped me to enjoy something I thought I couldn't do.  

She makes gardening cool!

Francesca, Business owner and Mum of 3

The honest truth....

Listen, I get it. I know you need to find a way to bring some calm into your life, mainstream methods such as yoga and meditation just didn't work and you aren’t sure what else you could be doing.

I know how it feels to plan to give yourself time off every day but then struggle to actually do it.

The truth is you can set all the best intentions in the world but unless you actually take regular moments to give yourself a break you’re going to end up burning out.

That’s why I've got a 3 month individual coaching programme that keeps you accountable, makes it easy for you to take just 5 minutes in the garden each day and doesn't require you to sit in a dark quiet room on your own.

Now I know what you’re thinking, when are you going to find time to do this when you’ve barely got time to each lunch, but when I say 5 minutes I really mean it's 5 minutes a day.

So, how many more lunch breaks are you going to work through? It’s time to take control and find some headspace so you can start taking your power back.

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