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Mind in Bloom Box

Let us teach you how to mindfully grow and arrange your own cut flowers with our Mindful Gardening and Floristry subscription box

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How Mind in Bloom Box works

You Choose How to Shop

We’ve got it all from giftable prepaid subscriptions and one off boxes to flexible subscriptions that you can pause and cancel any time.

Receive your Box and Mindfully Plant your Seeds, Bulbs or Tubers

Every month you will receive all you need to grow that months blooms, as well as ‘how to’ videos and access to our supportive online community so we can grow together.  The videos and ‘recipe’ card included in the box prompt you to garden mindfully with helpful hints and tips.

Get Creative with your Beautiful Homegrown Blooms

Once your plants start flowering, you’ll receive further instruction on how to cut, condition and arrange the flowers for your home or to gift to friends and family.

What's in the Box?

Seeds, Bulbs or Tubers of the flower of the month

Coir pellets or coir block and pot to plant in to

Plant labels

'Recipe' card for planting

Access to instructional mindful planting and floristry videos

Start your own cut flower garden

Tips, Tricks and Inspiration