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Mind in Bloom Box

Helping you switch off through gardening


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Three ways you can work with me

1. Online Masterclasses

Need help with a specific mindful gardening problem?

Then my online gardening masterclasses are what you want!

Topics include: How to get started with growing your own vegetable and flowers with more coming soon.

Suitable for you if you:

🌱 Have a particular topic you want to learn about

🌱  Prefer to study alone and in your own time

🌱  Don’t want to ask me questions about what you've learnt and get bespoke advice on your garden

🌱  Want to get to know me and how I teach before investing in a Mind in Bloom Box subscription.

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2. Mind in Bloom Box subscription

Mind in Bloom Box subscription is suitable for you if you're new to gardening and you're looking to learn how to create a garden that helps you to find headspace and calm.

If you don't have time to go to the garden centre or trawl the internet looking for guidance on how to look after your plants......

No problem! Everything you need is delivered straight to you or available in our private Facebook community.

Perfect for you if you:

🌱 Like to have step by step guidance to follow

🌱  Need someone to keep you on track to help you find headspace

🌱  Enjoy being part of an online community

🌱  Want to ask me questions about what you've learnt and get help with your mindful gardening activities

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3. 1 to 1 garden coaching

Want more personalised advice about your garden?

Perhaps you want to start a vegetable patch, create a wildlife garden to relax in or know what to plant where in your garden.

I have some availability to help you 1 to 1 with your garden and developing your mindful gardening practice so you can create that peaceful relaxing oasis you've been imagining.

Suitable for you if you:

🌱 Want personalised advice on your garden and how it can help you to find headspace.

🌱  Want 1 to 1 access to me

🌱  Want to be able to ask me questions about what you are learning and get help with your mindful gardening activities as and when you need it and not in a group setting.

🌱  Would like me to create bespoke mindful gardening training or deliver a talk for you

Get personalised advice now

Kendall has helped me change my attitude towards gardening. Not only has she given me an extra room in our house but she's made me feel better mentally and helped me to enjoy something I thought I couldn't do.  

She makes gardening cool!

Francesca, 1 to 1 garden coaching client

I bought your subscription box for my Mum who was really struggling with anxiety and panic attacks during lockdown.  With your encouragement she has been going into the garden to plant her bulbs, plants and seeds and it really has been the highlight of her life during the pandemic.

She shows me every day on Facetime the flowers she can see from her window that she planted from you, its a real bright point for her right now.

Clare, Mind in Bloom Box gift experience purchaser

Before I attended the 'How to start a cut flower patch for a healthy mind' masterclass with Kendall I was struggling to switch off.

Now my mind is quiet after using the mindful gardening techniques I learnt in the class. PLUS I feel confident that I know what I'm doing and really proud of the garden I'm creating.

Gemma, Gardening masterclass student

Mindful gardening tips